Dre’Mont Jones Will Play In Rose Bowl, Enter NFL Draft

Ohio State football defensive tackle Dre'Mont Jones touchdown MSU

The day Ohio State officially found out it would be playing in the 2019 Rose Bowl, junior defensive tackle Dre’Mont Jones offered only a cryptic “we’ll see” when asked if he planned to play in the game.

Wednesday, Jones finally gave his official answer: Yes, he will suit up and play in Pasadena.

However, that will be the final time he takes the field as a member of the Buckeyes.

Jones also said he plans to turn pro and enter the 2019 NFL Draft, and this time he wasn’t vague at all.

“I’m leaving,” Jones said.

He has been a star up front for the Buckeyes this season, recording 8.5 sacks.

He has also scored a pair of touchdowns. The first came on aninterception return in the win over TCU, the other was a fumble recovery at Michigan State.

Jones has widely been projected as a first-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, so leaving early makes sense.

Many players in Jones’ position have opted to skip their bowl games. Cornerback Denzel Ward decided against playing in the 2017 Cotton Bowl.

But Jones said he didn’t want to miss the Rose Bowl.

“I kind of want to finish what I started.”

Jones is the first Buckeye to officially announce that he will turn pro at the end of the season.

Junior running back Mike Weber said Wednesday that he wanted to talk the decision over with his family after the Rose Bowl.

Safety Jordan Fuller submitted his name to the NFL to get an idea where he might go in the Draft, but has not yet made a decision.

Linebacker Malik Harrison will also figure out what he wants to do after the Rose Bowl.

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  1. So glad to see he is going to play. Of all the new player trends in college football my most despised is this new trend of skipping the bowl game. I see it as abandoning one’s team. Next it will be skipping the rest of the season after the playoff is out of the picture. Thank Mr. Jones. You’ve been great to watch as I know you will be on Jan 1st. May God bless you and your future NFL career.

  2. Seeing it to the end is the mark of the mature mind and proof that you care beyond yourself, The entire Buckeye nation is proud of you!

  3. good for him sticking with his teammates and playing! I’m tired of all these players sitting out…appreciate it Dre’Mont!

  4. Looking forward to you playing in the Scarlet and Gray……….one more time. One on my all time favorite Buckeyes. After football, there’s always acting! Hollywood a revival of real stars.

  5. Thank you Dre’Mont
    Buckeye fans appreciate players like you.

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