Report: Greg Schiano Interested in Open Temple Job

Greg Schiano Ohio State Football Buckeyes

According to a report from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano has put his hat into the ring for the open head coaching position at Temple.

Temple is currently in need of a new head coach having just lost Geoff Collins, who left to take over at Georgia Tech following the retirement of long-time head coach Paul Johnson.

Schiano is not alone in his interest in the Temple job, according to the report, as former Tennessee head coach and current Alabama staffer Butch Jones and Alabama co-offensive coordinator Josh Gattis have also expressed interest. Temple interim head coach Ed Foley will be interviewing for the job as well.

Schiano is familiar with this area of the country, having grown up in New Jersey, played his college football at Bucknell, and quite famously spent 11 years as the Rutgers head coach. At Rutgers, he turned a dead-end job into a Big Ten program, which may be difficult for Temple to ignore.

Schiano is finishing up his third season as Urban Meyer’s defensive coordinator. The two are close friends and Schiano has wanted to get back to being a head coach. With Meyer’s retirement after the Rose Bowl, now would seem to be a good time for Schiano to look seriously for a head coaching job.

Last year, Schiano had agreed to become the new head coach at the University of Tennessee, but that deal fell through because Volunteer fans felt they could do better.

According to the report, Temple would like to have a coach in place before the early signing period, which begins December 19.

Ohio State did not have any comment on the report.

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  1. If I weren’t fearful of a downturn in the D-line I would have Johnson as the defacto DC. But he is so good with the big guys up front I couldn’t help but think the DC would be a distraction.

  2. Greatest economic turnaround? Have you been paying attention to the stock market lately or are you more obsessed wit how many new fast food restaurants are opening. For the rest of you, I promise no more political statements I just could not resist this one because of the erroneous post by voice of reason.

    1. Gary: stock markets go up and stock markets go down. When demand for materials, hydraulics, electrical motors and switchgear, road equipment, automation etc is booming and has pushed leadtimes to 72 weeks or longer that is an economic boom. When PMI indices are through the roof, that is an economic boom. When unemployment is the lowest since ?????? that is an economic boom. You really should resist your temptation to illuminate your knowledge base, or search for facts outside of the news bites so that you have one. Otherwise you may end up believing that Murray was a better choice than Haskins, and that UM should have slept under Zach and Courtney’s bed to prevent domestic abuse

  3. Rutgers extended Chris Ash’s contract for a year because they knew that Ohio State was going to dump Schiano and they didn’t want to have to tell him that Rutgers needs a real coach and not the architect of of a Little Least Conference middle feeder.

  4. Seems to me the angst should be on UFM. And Schiano was actually a step away from the Tenn. job last year. Hang this one on the former CEO.

  5. How soon can he leave? Hopefully before the next game….maybe the next DC can bring back the Silver Bullet defense.
    @Gary Kovacs…keep your lame opinions to yourself, this is a sports site.

  6. I pray he gets the job and gets out of Ohio. He is the worst defensive coordinator that I remember and I’ve watched the Buckeyes since the early Woody Hayes days.

  7. Grow up you guys. You sound childish like Donald Trump.

    1. except they haven’t engineered the greatest economic turnaround since before most of us if not all of us were born. Keep the topic on football Gary and I am sure you will blow me away with your knowledge. If I wanted political mudslinging I would be on any one of the numerous media outlets.

    2. Gary – if I wanted to listen to political diatribe I would not be on The Ozone – I would be looking for some “news” website – pick one or a dozen – makes no difference. Please keep your POLITICAL comments to yourself. Moderators – moderate! In the meantime I for one am excited about what the future has in store. I thank Urban and Shelly for the many hours of entertainment my wife and 3 kids have enjoyed over the last 7 years and look forward to an even better dynasty with Ryan Day as we knock That Team Down South off of the Sabin throne!

      1. Why can’t you mental midgets just move on. He used ten measly words that included the name of that POS. Big deal! It took waaaaaay more effort typing your outrage to the benign comment! Is anybody who comments on this site a well adjusted, mentally stable person? Seriously.

  8. Damn, I’m going to miss watching that scheme. Oh well, good luck at Temple

  9. Hes gone. He’ll be in the NFL if he doesn’t get a head job in college.

  10. What a perfect fit! Get the hell outta here and go back east! Take Bill Davis with you!

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