Report: Urban Meyer To Be OSU’s Assistant Athletic Director

At the press conference announcing his retirement, Urban Meyer said he loved Columbus and planned to stay around Ohio State.

He apparently meant it.

According to multiple reports, Meyer will take a job as an Assistant Athletic Director at OSU.

His exact job responsibilities aren’t clear yet, but it’s safe to assume Meyer will probably be involved in fundraising and other outreach.

At the press conference announcing Meyer’s retirement, OSU Athletic Director Gene Smith hinted at what the coach might be doing next.

“I look forward to working with Urban in his new capacity,” Smith said. “You’ll soon get your new goals and objectives in your new capacity as together we seek to maximize the potential of our 30 head coaches and 68 assistant coaches and over 1,000 student-athletes that we’re all blessed to serve.”

Of course, Meyer still has a little over a week to go in his current position. He will coach the Buckeyes for the final time in the Rose Bowl before officially handing over the reigns to Ryan Day.

After that, he’ll assume a new role. Earlier this month, he outlined the basics of what he wanted to do, and how he wanted to continue working with Smith.

“I’m going to still call him boss,” Meyer said of the Athletic Director. “However I can help this — I believe in Ohio State. I believe in the spirit when you walk around this campus. I believe in Buckeye Nation, because I lived it my entire life. I believe that this is a different place. And I want to help in any way I can. And I believe in our new head coach.”

Meyer has also said that he plans to teach a class at OSU’s Fisher College of Business titled “Leadership and Character.”

He has plenty going on away from work as well. His daughter Nikki just gave birth to her second child, a son named Urban Gray Dennis.

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  1. having urban around is good for the program. he can help mend relations with nester and paris johnson

  2. Certainly hope he’s just marking time before replacing Smith.

  3. I think it’s great for Urban and for OSU and am happy he is staying on in some hey–can’t hurt in some recruiting aspects to know a legend like Meyer is involved in the athletic capacity in some form at least!

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