Snubbed — No College Football Playoffs for Buckeyes in 2018

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The College Football Playoffs pairings have been announced, and for the third year in a row the Big Ten Champions will be watching from home.

Ohio State, fresh off of a 45-24 Big Ten Championship Game victory over No. 21 Northwestern, finished sixth in the rankings, behind No. 1 Alabama, No. 2 Clemson, No. 3 Notre Dame, and No. 4 Oklahoma. Georgia finished No. 5.

The Buckeyes went into Saturday’s action knowing that they would likely have to put a number on the Wildcats if the Sooners won earlier in the day. Oklahoma did just that, with a 39-27 victory over No. 14 Texas. The win also exacted vengeance on Oklahoma’s lone loss of the season.

Ohio State’s 49-20 loss at unranked Purdue seven weeks ago ultimately proved unforgivable for a committee that showed no signs of giving OSU the benefit of any doubt despite improved play since that loss.

As mentioned, this is now the third year in a row that the Big Ten Champs have not made the College Football Playoffs. Last year, a two-loss Buckeye team stayed home, and the year before that it was a two-loss Penn State team.

Ohio State becomes the first one-loss Big Ten Champ not to make the playoffs.

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  1. After reading numerous posts on several different threads, regarding the playoff lineup, one thing in particular has become clear to me.

    Many ostensibly hardcore Buckeye fans have fallen victim to ESPiN derangement syndrome.

    I am referring to those who insist, AT FULL VOLUME, that the Buckeyes didn’t deserve consideration, because of the unpardonable sin of losing to Purdue.

    I am waiting for someone to intelligently explain to me how one loss is far more compelling than the best win that any other team in the FBS had all season.

    Clemson’s schedule was a joke, they played only one team with a pulse the entire season. Notre Dame’s and Oklahoma’s schedules weren’t much stronger. And, neither of them had a convincing win against a really good team. But… Purdue… Purdue. And for any inclined to point out that they also ranked Georgia ahead of OSU, I would like to suggest that that bit of imbecility only proves their bias.

    Do us all a favor and try to break the spell ESPiN has on you. Remember these are many of the same morons who regarded OSU’s inclusion in the first playoff to be questionable. Many are also included among the ones who assured us that OSU would lose to Alabama and then to Oregon.

    Lastly, for those among the “I’m kinda glad they didn’t get in because I don’t want to repeat the Clemson embarrassment.” I will leave you with these words from Theodore Roosevelt.

    [The Man in the Arena] “…who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

  2. Until there is a playoff and allow a champion to be decided on the field, college football will always be the laughing stock of sports. No other sport in the world decides their champion off the field. And no, this is not a “playoff”. And no, neither is expanding the “BCS” to 8 teams. There are 12 conference, anything less than a 12 team playoff simply isn’t a playoff, but a prom king/queen vote.

  3. From the get go, ALL of the NCAA was going to hold the Zack Smith debacle against Ohio St….even if they went undefeated, there still would have been a “debate” on how good they were or their opponents….

    …OSU should take a lesson from Saban and ND in dumbing down the schedule in order to get in because it worked.

  4. For the record.

    Herbstreit……….do not EVER come back even near Columbus, Ohio. You’re a lowlife POS coward who has been bought and sold like a common whore.

  5. You can’t get blown out by iowa last year and purdue this year and expect to make the playoff. Our defense has been bad in other games this year also.

    1. …….but you can be a lousy Georgia team that got boat raced by an average at best LSU team that got boat raced by Alabama?

      Yeah, the Buckeye defense has been really bad for most of the year, but, it’s still better than Georgia’s and light years ahead of a weak Notre Dame team. THEN consider that while the Buckeye defense is bad……………..Oklahoma’s defense finished ranked 124th out of 130 teams, yet, we’ve heard all week long about OU somehow having better defense than Ohio State’s by the S(hit) E(ating) C(onference) lobbyists at ESpin.

      Yep…….Oklahoma would score 50 points on Ohio State. BUT, Ohio State would score 80 on OU. Dwayne Haskins is far and away a better QB than Murray. Hell, he’s far and away the best quarterback in ALL of College football.

  6. Fair or unfair, OSU won’t be invited to the playoffs until they prove during the regular season they won’t repeat the embarrassment they displayed against Clemson. They embarrassed the committee and they still hold a grudge. Personally I think the team that beat UM would easily beat ND and OK. Bama and Clemson would be a challenge, but their best performance could compete with them. Even tho this season didn’t go as expected, we beat UM and ruined their playoff chances. That alone makes for a great season. Add in beating PSU, MSU and B1G champs and its more successful than bad. Let’s win our bowl game and finish a not pretty but successfully season strong. Hopefully we have some coaching upgrades and develop these kids for a playoff run next season.

  7. The Buckeyes didn’t deserve to make the playoffs because of their terrible defense. I hope this wakes up Meyer to just how bad of a coach Schiano really is and he fires him!!!!

    1. But Oklahoma DOES deserve to be in the playoffs having an even worse………..MUCH worse defense than Ohio State?

  8. College football should go back to conference aligned bowl system. Comparisons are, nod to the bard of Avon, odious. The joy of football is that is a game of resolution. Life is shaded by complexity and sports is one of the few areas that lets a person know the satisfaction of victory. Now success in college football has become winning a poliitical contest. What a shame that Haskins chance to compete for the ultimate prize was cut short, however justified it may be in some Platonic universe of objective reality. The ultimate cost is of course to the fan of football who has watched Haskins development as one of the great super athletes of a generation. His presence is so distinguished, and his competive drive is outstanding, in a class with a Lebron, or an Otto Graham, for that matter, a Joe diMaggio.Life isn’t fair. But that is why one needs sports. Irony intended!

  9. Not surprised at all with the” snubbing” of the Buckeyes..Not only to we have to beat the biased officiating during games , but also the extreme bias of the NCAA, ESPN, and frankly just about everyone involved with college football..Unfortunately our lack of coaching skills has bitten us in the ass once again. We have taken an enormously talented group of young men and developed them into underachieving, inconsistent players. We have to be flawless for an entire season to overcome the extreme bias of “THE SYSTEM”, even though in reality I believe that This Team could muster up enough to beat anyone…as proved by the dismantling of that shit can of a team up north. We know it, they know it…they just don’t want the Buckeyes to have a chance to embarrass “THE SYSTEM” and their beloved SEC princess.

  10. Fickle was never replaced by a deserving and test defensive coordinator. It cost us last year and it this year and it will keep happening every single year. Meyer made mistakes and bad choices. We still love him and want him to stay if he can. However, he HAS to fire Schiano and go get a new coordinator today and not tomorrow so that the next couple of weeks can be used to start the change in the schemes. If he is staying even for one more year, he still owes the next coach this change. Better yet let the next coach (Day) hire the next defensive coordinator right now. In any scenario, the Schiano has to go now.

  11. Agree with the top four mostly, but don’t see Georgia one ahead of the Bucks. Not really relevant now though.

  12. Putting in OK I disagree with, but putting GA ahead of us is unacceptable. The committee ought to just anoint the SEC as football gods who deserve adulation. A two loss, non-champion loser to a three loss team ahead of the one loss B1G champs is a slap in the face to the B1G. Changes have to be made, starting with limiting scheduling. Play four non-championship level cupcakes and lose some points toward the Playoff. Separate the group that ranks teams every week from the group that chooses the final four.

  13. While I believe that OSU is better than OK, I am back where I was pre-Michigan in that I don’t want to be humiliated in the playoffs against Alabama. But the silver lining in this (for those who wanted an expanded playoffs), should be an 8 team playoff in 2 years, with the conference champ in the Power 5 with auto bids. Now kick some Pac-12 ass Buckeyes!

  14. 2 straight years my eye’s won’t waste a second of my time on any game other than the Buckeye game. None of my televisions will tune in to give any of them my viewership rating.

    The CFP committee is a fraud, and their method for making determinations “continues” to be 100% who buys their votes first. To prove that, you only have to look at Georgia. That that 2 loss clown show is ranked ahead of Ohio State and UCF says it all.

    It’s also unquestionable that ESpin is influencing the committee with their nonsensical drivel that somehow Oklahoma beating a virtual home game Texas team is a better win than Ohio State beating Northwestern is preposterous. Last I checked that Texas team got beat by Maryland.

    But we already knew that bias would rule the day. If you’re anyone other than an SEC chump or a worthless ND program, you have to win every game by 50 point margin of victories.

    If I’m the Big 10 and Pac 12………….Monday morning “at the latest”, I withdraw from the NCAA. The politicians ruined education, and now they have officially ruined the greatest sport in the history of mankind.

  15. Expected…. I think the SEC lobby does it’s best to get two SEC teams in, but it also does its best to make sure the teams that do get in are the lowest quality to make sure the SEC doesn’t have to play the best competition to in the Championships. No doubt all marketed by CBS sports which is basally the SEC marketing department.

    The one thing no one seems to want total about show ND got in. Common opponent games Michigan and Northwestern would suggest Ohio State is better. The loss to Purdue is worse. But, any team can rise up and play a great game. The CFP has reduced the whole criteria to “who is the best team” but who has the worst lot. Ignores is, who played the toughest schedule.

    If the B1G wants to return to the 8 league game format. Have every B1G team play one or two Div II teams. Pick out of conference opponents you can blow out. People are thinking about Ohio State winning by one in Maryland but not Oklahoma going to overtime with Army.

    If Notre Dame can get in with their schedule, and Alabama can get in with a game against the Citadel as one of their wins the B1G is taking the wrong approach to getting to the Big Dance.

  16. this is the most biased, moronic committee in the short history…the fact they kept GA ahead of OSU with 2 losses inc one by 20 pts..and, no conf a joke…OSu has 2 better wins than OK, a better defense and i will argue at least a god of an offense as OK considering the sissy defenses of the big 12..and if they argue putting in GA ahead of OSU with the best team theory then no way ND should be in there..the whole thing is a joke–the big ten has been #1, #1, #2 best conference the last 3 years and no champ in (and yes i know OSU got in and deservedly so in 2016)…they need to make this an 8 team playoff and soon..this committee’s bias and stupidity have proven that this year especially

  17. Well, with the loss and close calls they had, didn’t really deserve one. Not so much a snub as the reality of no entitlment.

    1. Joseph–your comment makes ZERO sense-Georgia had TWO losses, no conf title, and a 20 pt blowout loss…OK has no defense to speak of, the same record in a worst conference and OSu had TWO better wins–one significantly better–than OK and i will argue at least an equal offense….and dont even get me started on ND…

    2. Entitlement? They are a one loss conference champ!

    3. Exactly 2 schools in this discussion are “entitled.” A weak Georgia team, and a useless Notre Dame team.

  18. Unbelievable- no, check that, totally believable. GEORGIA at 6th? A school whose entire history reeks of choke jobs and inadequate play?
    Here’s an idea people will recoil from, but which would be GREAT. the next time OSU makes the playoff- maybe if they go 16-0 playing in the NFC East for example- the school should TURN DOWN the playoff. It’s an invitation, and you don’t “have to” say yes. “Thanks but no thanks, you idiots..”
    Finally, if any of you reading this are Herbstreit apologists, you should be ashamed. He is human filth.

    1. Recoil from that? No………I believe that the Big 10 and the Pac 12 should withdraw membership from the NCAA, not merely refuse an offer to play in any of their bowl games……………………those same Bowl games that used to belong to the fans and the advertisers, which, the politicians of the NCAA stole.

      I’m seeing people clamoring for a playoff “expansion.” HOW FREAKING MENTALLY RETARDED ARE THEY???????????

      That Ohio State is left out this year AND UCF not even seriously considered after beating the mighty Shit Eating Conference member Auburn last year, and going 2 straight seasons without a loss? This is 100% about which schools are willing to sell their souls to this useless playoff idea, and are also willing to buy the politicians (committee) votes.

      I could see an argument between OU and Oklahoma, but there IS no argument FOR an also ran 2 loss Georgia team OR that athletic coward Notre Dame. Neither belong in the top 10, much less the top 5.

      WHO has Georgia beaten? A bunch of weak Shit Eating Conference opponents and FCS teams. Notre Dame shouldn’t be considered in ANY poll.

      1. Wow , what a bunch of whiny ass bitches buckeye fans are. Don’t lose to a 6-6 Purdon’t team and you would be in. Second year in a row you screwed the pooch to a mid level big 10 team. You don’t deserve it. Get over it. Bama and GA would kick your tails all over the field.

        1. We actually have something to whine about………_ichigan fans have nothing to whine about, and never will, because it’s a school filled with dirtbag pizza boys, mentally deprived so called students, worthless grads, and shitty athletes.

          Now go back to your piss ant forum.

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