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The Sons of Schmidt S3E15: Slow News Week

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Relax Buckeye fans. We know this has been a slow new week, but it’s Sons of Schmidt Thursday and we’re here to help!

To start this week’s episode, the guys finally have something to say about the College Football Playoffs.

After a break, The Sons take an unexpected look at the Ohio State tenure of Urban Meyer. It wasn’t really planned as this week’s show was in pre-production, but the walk down memory lane is a fun one.

Let us know who you would name for each of the questions asked.

For segment two, Brandon and Mike look back at the Big Ten Championship Game, and Ohio State’s performance. 12-1, beating TTUN, a B1G, and a Rose Bowl trip have made 2018 a great season for Ohio State.

We end the show with our Son of a Schmidt and a look at the Schmidt Picks!

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Go Bucks! OH!

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