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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Martell vs. Fields: With a Vengeance

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr talk the transfers of Justin Fields and Tate Martell. Why was Martell so cocksure two weeks ago only to transfer before spring ball even began? The show then discusses the Buckeyes who left for the NFL and those who didn’t, and the impacts felt at each of those positions. The new coaches are touched on as well, even though it is way too early to pass judgments in that area. All of this and much, much more. (Note: Two hours after the show was recorded, Martell announced his transfer to the University of Miami.)

The Rundown

+ It’s been a while.

+ We’re just shooting for five good hours. Eventually.

+ The last time we talked to you everything in the world has happened.

+ We could have done a Wheel of News.

+ Oh, and Kendall Sheffield left too.

+ Tate Martell and the transfer portal.

+ This is the worst thing to ever happen.

+ Tate Martell has stolen from us.

+ Faith in mankind has been lost.

+ We have been devasted, rocked, and shaken to our core.

+ Martell has taken quarterback controversy content from us and that will never be forgiven.

+ This has been the craziest, lowest pay off offseason ever.

+ Going back over Martell’s words about Justin Fields.

+ Tathan Pageviews.

+ You can see why Tom and I didn’t want him to transfer.

+ A terrible story from Tony’s childhood.

+ We just wanted Tate to take us to Cedar Point!

+ The quarterback depth is now on shaky ground.

+ Somebody will need to be added.

+ Urban Meyer showing up at the basketball game with Justin Fields didn’t help.

+ Martell says he can make every throw, but he doesn’t think he can do it at Ohio State.

+ What didn’t the Martells understand about bringing in a transfer quarterback?

+ More time in the program doesn’t guarantee you a spot.

+ Why not at least go through spring football to see where you stand?

+ Joe Burrow left a hero, why isn’t Tate Martell seen the same way?

+ Will Martell be eligible right away?

+ Finding another Chugz is going to be difficult.

+ OSU won’t be looking for a starter.

+ Alabama always has 3-star QBs to provide depth.

+ Ohio State needs to offer more Ohio QBs just for the depth to avoid having this happen year after year.

+ The Buckeyes should look in-state for a second 2020 quarterback.

+ Jim Harbaugh offered a 7th grader.

+ If that 7th grader goes to Michigan, who will be his head coach?

+ Beef is in the transfer portal as well.

+ Beef-n-Chugz is probably dead.

+ Damn you Campus Partners!

+ Let’s talk about early entrants.

+ Michael Jordan was a surprise.

+ Who replaces him?

+ Kendall Sheffield’s non-announcement announcement.

+ He didn’t even look back when turning pro.

+ Damon Arnette’s return is a good thing.

+ If Arnette is bad, then better players will play in front of him.

+ Jordan Fuller’s return is huge.

+ KJ Hill will be a nice security blanket for whichever QB wins the job.

+ Hill is going to be OSU’s most under-the-radar all-time leader in a major statistical category ever.

+ Going over the scholarship numbers.

+ Probably only looking to add offensive linemen in the class.

+ They’ll add three if they can.

+ Why hasn’t OSU announced Ryan Day’s staff yet?

+ Ryan Day’s first call to Michigan was for Don Brown?

+ That would have been nice of the football gods.

+ The makeup of Day’s staff.

+ Concerns about Al Washington?

+ Matt Barnes called plays for Maryland last year.

+ Fans are happy with the defensive changes.

+ There is no more doubting that this is Ryan Day’s program.

+ Alex Grinch didn’t have a great year and it may not have been his fault.

+ But it also might have been.

+ It’s too early to pass judgment on Day’s new staff.

+ They have to recruit.

+ Alex Grinch wasn’t able to do that.

+ Next week we’ll have listener questions.

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[Buckeye Weekly is an Ohio State podcast that covers Ohio State football, Ohio State recruiting, and Ohio State basketball.]

4 Responses

  1. How much did he have to put up with. Believe that TM would have given JF a run for his money. However, he as well as any one else needs to know that OSU is a big time program and OSU will play the best player and we can go down the list with stars who never got to play; Hence, Troy Smith over Justin S. JTB over Miller and C. Jones. One of the most painful realities in sports at this level and age is that new comers and younger stars can come in and steal your spot. I don’t blame TM for transferring, Joey Burrows and others did as well. Talk about being wed to JTB, JTB lost one game big time to IA, Haskins lost one game big time to PUR. Both beat MI, won the B1G and a major bowl game. True, DH beat MI in 17, but with DH we came close this year to easily losing to MN, NE and even MD, while our passing game shine our run game suffered and to me that cost us Red Zone efficiency and the loss to PUR as we did outgain them. Very valid points of TM being barely used, but that’s because OSU was in too many tight games and we paid for that in ladder games when he just didn’t have game time experience.

  2. I have been an Ohio State fan since 1954, but I think you guys have your homer blinders on when you suggest Martell was hasty in leaving now. How much does a guy have to put up with? It’s true that you have to earn a job. But you could argue that Haskins should have been the starter over JT in Barrett’s last year. He never got the chance because Meyer was wedded to Barrett. We’re lucky JT got hurt against TTUN. Martell did everything that was asked of him. He had every reason to believe he wasn’t going to win the competition again this time.I can imagine him thinking: “Why should I be a sucker and go around for another lap on the bench here.” He played on the scout team in Barrett’s last year and won praise for his role from other players. He sat behind Haskins last year. He might have been an effecrtive change-of-pace package last year, but he was hardly used. He had every right to think this would be his year, as he is not without talent. Instead the team lands a possible Haskins clone and Meyer takes Fields to a basketball game after Fields had already agreed to come here. Why shouldn’t Martell — who was an amazing player in high school — go someplace that will put him on the field? The whole transfer rule sucks. It shows the power of a monopoly business in which everyone makes a lot of money except for a labor force that works for free.

  3. Episode I – Martell vs. Fields: “The Rise of the Revenge”

  4. I actually like our QB room – Two quality starters and a backup. (I am assuming Fields will be cleared to play).
    Would it be nice to have a fourth option? Of course, but if we have to go there in a real game against a quality opponent it will be trouble whoever is in the room.
    My sense is to bring in a grad transfer next year for backup to go with the three who were recruited to start.

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