First-Guessing the 2019 Ohio State Depth Chart — Offense

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Spring camp is still a little more than six weeks away, which means there is no time like the present to begin our nearly-exhausting look at the Ohio State football depth chart.

This will be our first guess at the opening two-deep for spring ball. The projection here is based on history, conversations, projections, and complete guessing. The guessing will be explained for the most part, however.

Today we start with the offense. Tomorrow the defense.

[Note: Only players who will be enrolled for the spring will be listed, so that’s why the freshman you’re wondering why isn’t listed, isn’t listed.]

12 Matthew Baldwin, rFr OR
1 Justin Fields, So
4 Chris Chugunov

Tate Martell’s departure may have eased the tension headaches, but it has probably contributed to some acid reflux. Matthew Baldwin and Justin Fields will compete this spring and it will be interesting to see how many reps Fields gets if he hasn’t yet been cleared to play in 2019.

Running Back
2 JK Dobbins, Jr
33 Master Teague, rFR OR
30 Demario McCall, rJr
Marcus Crowley, Fr

JK Dobbins is obviously the answer here as the starter, but the more interesting thing to watch will be what goes on behind him. Is Demario McCall involved, or will it just be Master Teague and Marcus Crowley? And can anybody justify making this is a 1-2 punch with Dobbins during the regular season.

14 KJ Hill, rSr
30 Demario McCall, rJr OR
80 CJ Saunders, rSr
26 Jaelen Gill, rFr

There are four players in this two-deep who are going to play in 2019. The opportunities could become a little more available if Demario McCall spends more time at tailback or if KJ Hill moves outside. Neither of those things may happen, but this is a versatile group. We also saw more formations with two slots later in the season. Brian Hartline is very high on CJ Saunders.

Z Receiver
19 Chris Olave, So
17 Kamryn Babb, rFr OR
Garrett Wilson, Fr OR
87 Ellijah Gardiner, rSo

This is going to be a fun position to watch. Johnnie Dixon and Terry McLaurin are gone and everyone wants to see more of Chris Olave. Kamryn Babb was doing well prior to his ACL tear last summer. He is running and catching the ball again and should be good to go this spring. They might bring him along slowly, but he is loaded with potential. That also describes true freshman Garrett Wilson. Ellijah Gardiner is here because X is packed. Brian Hartline had good things to say about him.

X Receiver
11 Austin Mack, Sr
9 Binjimen Victor, Sr
15 Jaylen Harris, Jr
85 Blue Smith, rFr

Austin Mack was performing very well prior to his injury and both he and Binjimen Victor will be entering their contract years, so expect their best. I’ve talked to Brian Hartline about Jaylen Harris and there is still plenty of excitement there. Last year was a learning experience for Blue Smith, and this spring will continue that process. This is a deep group.

Tight End
89 Luke Farrell, rJr
13 Rashod Berry, rSr OR
88 Jeremy Ruckert, So
81 Jake Hausmann, rJr

Luke Farrell established himself as a very good tight end for the Buckeyes this past season. Jeremy Ruckert will continue to push Rashod Berry, and maybe even push him back to defensive end. 

Left Tackle
75 Thayer Munford, Jr
76 Branden Bowen, rSr OR
74 Max Wray, rFr OR
77 Nicholas Petit-Frere

This is Thayer Munford’s job, just as it was this past season. Whatever happens behind him will be the product of a thin offensive line with movable parts.

Left Guard
76 Branden Bowen, rSr OR
61 Gavin Cupp, rJr
Ryan Jacoby, Fr

Branden Bowen was healthy at the end of the season and is probably the safest pick to win the wide open left guard job. Gavin Cupp was a reserve guard last season and is now a fourth-year player, so he will have a shot. True freshman Ryan Jacoby could end up anywhere, so why not start him here.

71 Josh Myers, rSo
55 Matthew Jones, rFr

Greg Studrawa said Josh Myers was ready to start for the Buckeyes midway through this past season. He is all set to be the Buckeyes’ starter in 2019. Matthew Jones could be expected to be his backup, but if Jones performs well in the spring, he could also get involved at left guard.

Right Guard
52 Wyatt Davis, rSo
61 Gavin Cupp, rJr
Ryan Jacoby, Fr

Wyatt Davis will enter the spring as the strong favorite to win the right guard job because he’s been starting there since the Big Ten Championship Game. He will have had bowl prep, spring ball, and fall camp to become fully comfortable for the 2019 season. Once again, Gavin Cupp and Ryan Jacoby are listed here because spots have to be filled and players are going to get looks at multiple positions.

Right Tackle
58 Josh Alabi, rSr OR
77 Nicholas Petit-Frere, rFr
74 Max Wray, rFr
Ryan Jacoby, Fr

Greg Studrawa is confident in Josh Alabi, who played well when called upon in 2018. Nicholas Petit-Frere played in a few games in 2018, and many believe he is the future. He is one of the highest-rated recruits OSU has ever signed, so there is good reason to have high hopes. He has some catching up to do, but that’s what the spring is for. Max Wray is now entering his second offseason, which will have him better prepared to compete in 2019.

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  1. You all better start putting respect on that gill name,He’s about to take over for real.Dude is different!?

    1. Agree. Jaelen Gill is ready to explode

  2. I thought I had read that Alabi had tried the right side before and just wasnt comfortable?

    1. He’s had time. We shall see.

  3. Why would you have baldwin in front of fields

    1. It’s an OR. It doesn’t matter who is in front. Call it alphabetical.

  4. Gerd, Where is Harry Miller? I see Jones at Guard not Center. Miller will back up Myers.

    1. There is a note in the intro specifically addressing this because I knew it would be asked. 🙂

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