New Buckeye Justin Fields ‘Really And Truly An Elite Passer’

Justin Fields Georgia Quarterback

Ohio State just lost arguably the greatest quarterback in program history to the NFL when Dwayne Haskins entered the 2019 Draft. But with the addition of Justin Fields, they may have brought in a comparable replacement this week, too.

Fields is 6-foot-3, 205 lbs, and considered by many evaluators to be one of the top quarterbacks to come out of high school this century.

He rated as the No. 8 prospect all-time by 247, going back to the start of the ratings in 2000. That’s the highest-ranked player to ever come to Ohio State. Terrelle Pryor and Ted Ginn are the only two Buckeye signees in the top-50.

Fields was the second-ranked player in the 2018 class, just 0.0001 behind Trevor Lawrence, who just led Clemson to a national title as a true freshman.

He spent much of his true freshman season sitting behind Georgia starter Jake Fromm, but looked very good in his limited action. He went 27-for-39 for 328 yards, four touchdowns and zero interceptions as a freshman. He also rushed 42 times for 266 yards and four touchdowns.

It’s fair to downplay those stats as a product of weak competition – he piled up most of his yardage in garbage time against Austin Peay, Middle Tennessee State, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and UMass. It’s also reasonable to point to other highly-ranked players on that all-time list like Ronald Powell or Brock Berlin who never turned into superstars.

But a quarterback coach who has worked with Fields, as well as Lawrence and Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa, says the Buckeyes’ new addition is a unique talent.

“What you’re going to see from him is someone who is really and truly an elite passer,” Quincy Avery said on the Bull and Fox radio show.

Avery got a chance to watch Fields at The Opening, a camp for highly-ranked high school prospects to go and compete head-to-head prior to their senior seasons. Even among that level of competition, Avery said that Fields stood out.

“The display that Justin Fields put on was better than any quarterback that I’ve ever seen over those four days that he was out there,” Avery said. “This was all throwing. That doesn’t even incorporate his tremendous athletic ability.”

Avery said that the Buckeyes’ newest quarterback brings a well-rounded game to Columbus.

He’s someone who’s going to be a 4.5 (40-yard dash) guy, super quick, super twitchy. And he’s just explosive. The things he can do at the quarterback position, it’s really unreal. You’re going to see not just a dynamic athlete, but a dynamic quarterback.”

You can listen to the complete interview with Avery from Cleveland’s 92.3 FM below.

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  1. 2 QB’s competed and lost, one is a whiner and one is a “completely different situation”, interesting how u choose which one to pick on……. He is using the backwards ass hick from the baseball to his advantage because that’s all he can do, unlike coaches which can transfer all they want. I hope u live alone

  2. Whether this transfer Fields is a great get will certainly depend on how good he becomes with a much improved Offensive Line, backs that can block as well as great receivers. OSU has great receivers, backs not bad, but must do better and the line need to be greatly improved. You see where Clemson was so strong, not only did they have a good offensive line, but one of the best, if not the best defensive line that gave the Clemson offensive more chances to run plays. So the Buckeyes were certainly close to that this past year, except for that Purdue game in which great teams will not have that bad a game, but not quite there. Sure hope Day’s new hires will make great improvements in both offensive, defensive and line backer play and some improvement is the defensive backs! I must say that the team as a whole was almost in the caliber of Clemson and Alabama, but not quite. Although the way Alabama played against Clemson, I almost believe the Buckeyes could have beaten the Tide.

  3. Our defense – especialy Gambel – was the main reason we one the Natty. He was awesome to watch.

  4. He was not good enough at Georgia to start.

    1. @Sean Dilton is that the same as Haskins not being good enough to start at OSU last season? I wonder what might have happened if Burrow had not been hurt in training camp…you know he was JT’S backup before his injury…..hmmmm just wondering.

  5. Tom, has Fields been cleared to take the field for the Buckeyes in 2019?

    1. Not yet. Fields’ atty believes it’s a formality that could happen well before spring.

  6. If we had Mo in 2003, there is no way we don’t win back to back titles. There was a Grand Canyon-sized talent gap between Clarett and replacement RB Lydell Ross.

    I love JK Dobbins and can’t wait to see what he can do as the feature back this year; but I think Mo was better.

  7. Watching him in those same blowouts, I didn’t see an elite qb, but one who looked like a typical frosh qb. Like most elite athletes, he’s gotten by on his athleticism rather than his knowledge of the game. When he puts both aspects together, he’ll be a hell of a qb. I can’t see him starting the first half of the year, because of that reason. His head will be in a tizzy his first year at osu, trying to learn the offense. Still, he’ll make some unreal plays-sans knowledge.

    1. Sir Miles…you probably never played the game or coached. An elite QB coach (Avery), you know the same one who also coached Haskins , calls Fields elite. I will take his opinion over yours any day!

      1. There’s not a respected analyst that would call field’s first year elite, including avery. They saw the same that I saw. He had an average freshman year. Avery has skin in the game, I see what I see. If I were coaching him, I’d probably see elite too. Plus dollar signs. lol

  8. His athleticism is unquestioned. Not having walked in his shoes, I’ll give him the benefit of any doubt with respect to other issues. I’m thinking Day and Company have looked at the total package and made the determination that he will be a positive addition to the program.

    I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the new Buckeye team on the field.

  9. I think everyone in the college football world knows the guy has talent. TO ME he doesn’t seem to possess the character. Only 2 possible reasons he left Georgia. 1. He wasn’t talented enough to beat out Fromm. 2. He chose to play child and bolt because someone made a derogatory comment toward him “FROM THE STANDS.”

    1 – A He he couldn’t beat out Fromm than perhaps his talent isn’t as great as he and Avery seem to think.

    2 – A Buckeye Nation isn’t going to go out of their way to intentionally verbally harangue him, and I doubt seriously the baseball player from Georgia meant anything malicious either. But (and I think it’s a big ol’ butt), if some rare alignment of the stars happens and he’s able to beat out either Martell and Baldwin, he’s still going to hear from more than a baseball player from the stands. Is he going to run to mommy and throw his next temper tantrum? All the talent in the world can’t hide character “disappointments.” The spot light is even brighter at Ohio State than it was at Georgia, who has just a local crazed fanbase. Ohio State is a worldwide crazed fanbase who suffered through both Mo Clarett and Terrelle Pryor. The fanbase is fresh out of mercy for self centered crybabies.

    1. I didn’t “suffer” through Mo Clarett or Terrelle Pryor. Unless of course you consider 44 wins, 90 tds, 3401 rush yds , 6200 pass yds and 3 bowl wins including a measly national championship in a combined 4 seasons suffering. By the way, it was a baseball player who made the racist remark and was subsequently released from the team. I’m not sure why his leaving would be considered weak minded or running from the situation. I would imagine it’s a large combination of reasons he chose to transfer much more involved and nuanced than the two reasons you have surmised that they must be.

      1. Agree completely. I wish we could’ve “suffered” through another year of Clarett in 2003 as we were one win away from playing for a second national championship. With clarett all season, we may very well have won that last game in AA. Without him, the offense that year was awful because we couldn’t run the football with the same line, QB, and receivers from the national championship team. How many games did we win in 2003 without even scoring an offensive TD? IMHO Clarett running the ball changes a lot of that and would’ve allowed an average passer in Krenzel to have been much better throwing the ball. Yeah Mo was a bit immature and outspoken but the majority of the blame for that entire shit show fell on Geiger as he had a huge hard on for the kid and screwed him over royally. Remember it was a third degree misdemeanor he committed and certainly didn’t warrant an entire year’s suspension. But I’m sure Gieger gave back some of the millions raked in as a result of the 2002 season which probably doesn’t happen without Mighty Mo.

      2. ………..and sanctions. Terrelle Pryor is the reason Urban Meyer didn’t play for a National title in 2013. Read the post……….Seems pretty clear that I said it was a baseball player in the stands.

        The post had NOTHING to do with the talent. Nor did it have anything to do with Mo and Terrelle’s talent, and everything to do with weak minded BS.

        Never been in a locker room I take it. There’s worse things said between “friends” than was said to Fields. You can coddle him. He was afraid of the competition with Fromm so he ran away. It;s just that simple. NOBODY should be attacking the players like that, but if that’s all it took to make him sniffle and whine Day might want to consider buying some stock on Puffs or Kleenex.

        1. Actually, I’ll take gene smith for $1,000.00 Alex, as to who is responsible for osu not playing in the championship game in the 2012 season.

    2. Was Joe Burrow a selfish crybaby because he transferred to LSU and became their best quarterback in more than a decade? Is that an indictment on his character?

      1. Completely different situation.

    3. Wow. A know it all AND a tough guy. Quite a combo..

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