Morning Constitutional: When Will Ryan Day Have His Staff Completed?

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Morning Constitutional: When Will Ryan Day Have His Staff Completed?

By this point in the process, new Ohio State head football coach Ryan Day knows who he wants on his coaching staff.

The problem now is making it happen.

Day already swung for the fences once and brought in Mike Yurcich from Oklahoma State, stealing him from the University of Tennessee in the process.

Yurcich replaces Day as the quarterback’s coach, and fills one of the two known-to-be-open assistant coaching positions.

The other being Alex Grinch’s old spot, as Grinch left to become the sole proprietor of Oklahoma Defense Inc.

Feelers have been put out and resumes are flying in like calls from telemarketers.

Making matters more interesting is the annual convention of the American Football Coaches Association, which started on Sunday and runs through Wednesday.

While there are schedules for all different kinds of topics over the next few days in San Antonio, coaches also make time to talk with each other in private.

It’s like speed dating for million-dollar contracts.

Ryan Day will be here talking to prospective hires, and if you ever wanted to be a fly on a wall, there are few walls more coveted.

Day will return from the convention knowing who is willing and who isn’t. Conceivably, he could have his staff announced by this weekend.

There is, however, something that could delay this schedule — the NFL playoffs.

If Day is looking at candidates who are still currently playing, then we might be waiting a while for an announcement.

Making things cloudier when predicting a timeline is the fact that we don’t really know who exactly is being retained. We know receivers coach Brian Hartline is sticking around, and defensive line coach Larry Johnson is expected to be back. Offensive coordinator and tight ends coach Kevin Wilson was told he didn’t need to be looking for a job.

Offensive line coach Greg Studrawa has already had conversations about the spring with Day, so should we read into that?

The biggest changes are likely to happen on the defensive side of the ball. Replacing Grinch will shape Day’s defense. There are also those around OSU who expect Greg Schiano to depart, which could change things even more dramatically.

The rumors of potential additions come from the linebacker and secondary areas, if that provides any further hints of even more changes to come.

Right now, so much of what we know is up in the air, but eventually this week things will begin to settle. Names will begin to solidify and rumors will turn to expectations.

You may also hear of current Buckeye coaches talking to other schools. After all, if they know they’re out, they’re going to be looking at other head coaches to get back in.

By this point next week, things should be much further along than they are now.

That doesn’t necessarily mean more new coaches, just a better understanding of who exactly will be back and who won’t.

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  1. Davis is gone, Taver should be gone, so should Stud(probably not).
    Mattison in as Co-DC, along with Hafley as Co-DC and DB that leaves LB coach(looks like Al Washington from
    ttun). Poor moron Hairball. He got
    Warriner, no loss and we got Mattison and likely Washington. That leaves room for a safeties coach if we get rid of Taver.

  2. “Resumes flying in like calls from telemarketers.” What a disturbing image! LOL
    I don’t envy Ryan Day’s challenges, choosing the right assistant coaches, as well as recruiting the right players. But that’s what he’s signed up for, and his decisions will greatly influence the mark he makes – and will be making – on the OSU football program.
    To borrow a line from one of those movie fantasies, “Choose wisely, my son”!

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