Morning Constitutional: Will Urban Meyer Coach Again?

Today’s Edition: Will Urban Meyer Coach Again?

Urban Meyer has now officially retired from coaching for the second time in his career, but there is a stark contrast between his retirement following the 2010 season at Florida and the one he just celebrated Tuesday night at the Rose Bowl.

In 2010, Meyer was pained and in pain, and stepped away from the University of Florida for the sake of his health and sanity. He was miserable and those around him hated to see him that way.

Meyer wasn’t able to leave Florida on his own terms, and he isn’t necessarily able to leave Ohio State on his own terms either, but he is much more content with the terms this time around.

When he left Florida, Meyer was physically spent and emotionally exhausted. Watching him since his announcement, however, and he is anything but.

No, his retirement may not have happened at the time he would have preferred, but Meyer’s attitude and actions over the last month are one of a man who has gotten rid of a great deal of stress.

Not every stress is bad stress, but when you get rid of it, you can still feel the weight of it being lifted from your shoulders. Seeing Meyer since his retirement announcement, it would appear that he no longer has any of that weight.

That is not to say that he didn’t care how the Rose Bowl turned out, because that isn’t the case at all. Through all of this, Meyer’s one desire is for his players to have the very best of everything. His stepping away is proof of that because he is concerned that he won’t be able to give them his best moving forward.

His headaches are manageable when he’s not on the football field and it would seem that he has finally accepted that maybe the football field is no longer the place for him to be.

So will he coach again?

Whenever I am asked this question, I answer with another question — have medical doctors figured out how to keep Meyer from having severe headaches?

If yes, then sure, I could see him coaching again. We know to never say never, after all. So if he did get healthy, we know that opportunity would certainly arise, and Meyer would eventually have a decision to make.

If medical science doesn’t have a breakthrough, however, then I don’t think he will ever coach again. That is also what he and his wife Shelley believe as well.

In 2010, Urban Meyer didn’t think he would coach again, and yet he did. In 2018, whether or not Meyer coaches again, he left the field as somebody who was soaking in every last drop of the Rose Bowl. And he was doing it for a reason.

Meyer looked perfectly content riding off into the sunset.

Now comes the real test for him, however. Can he stay happy and busy with whatever Ohio State has in store for him in the athletic department?

I don’t know if he can, but even so, I don’t expect Meyer back in the head coaching ranks any time soon.

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  1. Stupid to write this column less than 24 hours after the Rose Bowl. Leave it alone for Pete’s sake and move on. Give the man and the topic a rest. Urban deserves. Show some class.

  2. Given his health situation, this is the right decision for him.
    Notice, though, that he said “I don’t believe I will coach again”.
    That is a very qualified statement and certainly leaves his options
    As for the Urban haters, I live in Atlanta so, I hear the negative
    talk all the time. I just ignore it.

  3. maybe urban sits at the asst athletic director’s gig for a year or so to see how the program is doing. if the program is shaky maybe he can come back as head coach. after all he didn’t leave like tressel, or did he?

  4. Concur, Gerd, excepting only that the 4th from bottom paragraph says, “In 2018, whether or not Meyer coaches again, he left the field as somebody who was soaking in every last drop of the Rose Bowl.” when I’m sure you meant 2019. It gets everyone the 1st few days. 😉

  5. I always get a kick out of these types of topics which sports talk shows love to beat to death. Just today listened to one where the national host (clearly not a Meyer fan) goes on to tell us how he will be back because he did it before and he’s too young and he’s a bit of a liar and deceitful, blah, blah, blah! Here is what I guarantee I know for a fact…Meyer for several personal reasons has decided he has had enough of coaching, that he is done and doesn’t foresee himself coaching again. This is a concrete, well thought out decision TODAY! He means it, he is doing it and that’s that. Down the line something may change and that’s how life works. No deceit involved. Why do we need to speculate whether he’ll coach again and worse yet, provide the reasons why?

  6. Answer to question: if the right school dangles the right amount of money at him, yes.

    1. No, what you’re saying is that is what YOU would do to which I agree. As for Urban, he will have multiple, highly paid gigs and I’m guessing has a fairly stable savings account. The guy has health concerns which I have NO doubt will be first and foremost in that type of decision. New year, same dumb comments by you….no offense!

      1. Hi Bill- UP YOURS. No offense! (Check the guy’s track record before shooting off your yap).

      2. Bill- I think my reply to you was censored by staff who feel that your calling people “stupid” is somehow okay, while my response (no obscene language, kinda funny actually) somehow as not. So, here it is in a form you might understand if somebody helps you puzzle it out:

        First word- the opposite of “down”

        Second word- the opposite of “mine”

        Then put an exclamation mark after this vivid two work sentence and enjoy!

        Have a rainbowy, unicorn filled 2019!!

        1. You do know that taking that much effort and lashing out at somebody, with that much venom, just for your comments being called dumb, NOT YOU BEING CALLED DUMB MIND YOU, is a serious character flaw? It really, really is. Take this opportunity early in the year and work on that. You’ll be much better off for it. You’re welcome!

          1. You do know, Bill, that YOU are the one who replies to my comments, don’t you? physician, heal thyself…and lose the passive aggressive attempt to paint yourself as a decent guy while you’re at it. If you don’t want bitten back, don’t bite first.

            1. ‘You’re welcome!”…almost forgot that bit.

    2. Money isn’t the issue here and never was. There aren’t any schools out there who could dangle more money at him than Ohio State can. If money were an issue, believe me, OSU would cough it up to keep him on the sidelines. This is about his health and his ability to continue coaching with the effects that the cyst causes.

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