Tate Martell Has Added His Name to the Transfer Portal

Ohio State football quarterback Tate Martell touchdown Tulane

Less than two weeks after essentially guaranteeing that he would be Ohio State’s starting quarterback in 2019, redshirt freshman Tate Martell has put his name into the NCAA’s transfer portal. The system allows players to be contacted by other schools who could then become potential suitors.

The news first appeared on Twitter via @SloppyBaseballs with the following screenshot.

Appearing on the transfer portal does not mean a player is definitely going to transfer, but it certainly means they are weighing their options.

The situation for Martell changed when Georgia freshman quarterback Justin Fields finalized his transfer to Ohio State last week. Despite being emphatic that a Fields transfer to Ohio State would not impact him, Martell appears to be ready to look around.

“It doesn’t change anything for me,” Martell said at Rose Bowl media day. “I love my teammates and my teammates love me. They know that I’m one person that’s going to go out there and fight it out. That’s what I’ve always done and I have no problem doing it. I’ve been an underdog my whole life. I have no problem going out there and taking the job.”

Martell doubled down by saying there is no way he would leave Ohio State without first competing for the job.

“Why would I leave for somebody who hasn’t put a single second into this program yet?” he said. “I’ve put two years of working my ass off into something that I’ve been praying for and dreaming of my whole life. To just run from somebody that hasn’t put a single second into workouts or anything like that and doesn’t know what the program is all about, there’s not a chance.”

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day knew the possibilities of something like this happening when he brought Fields in, which should give you some idea into how he feels about Fields and his potential in this offense.

Martell completed 23-of-28 passes this past season for 269 yards and a touchdown. He also rushed for 128 yards on 22 attempts, scoring twice. Against Rutgers, Martell completed a school record 10-of-10 passes for 121 yards and a touchdown.

OSU is not confirming the news of Martell’s presence on the NCAA’s transfer portal, but his inclusion has been confirmed by others.

His future, however, is still up in the air.

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  1. If he is smart, he’ll change positions like Braxton Miller did. Martell can compete in college as a QB, but not in the NFL. If his goal is to play on Sundays and get paid, he needs to give up being a QB. JMO

  2. Really, this would settle a big question for Day. Tate is a R/O QB. That doesn’t appear to be Day’s preferred style. It would make sense for him to transfer. The situation at OSU has changed and isn’t what he signed up for. That’s understandable, but it does leave the team extremely thin at QB. I think Baldwin is better than a lot of people think and is better suited for Day’s style, but we sure could use a third QB now. Better hope the OL comes through.

  3. Pretty sure Martell didn’t toss his hat into the portal ring without talking to coaches, just as Burrow did, Unless a critic has spent a red shirt season against a really good OSU defense he has no right to criticize a players talent, commitment, or heart. And all of you who are giddy over Fields, take a breath. Let’s wait and see how he does. Remember he wasn’t good enough to beat out Jake Fromm or tough enough to stay and continue to battle. And I wonder how tough is a kid who leaves a program allegedly because of a racial slur that caused him to fear for his safety? Think any other GA players of color are afraid for their safety? What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  4. Sadly, we now live in a day and age where this kind of wavering is no surprise. Kind of hard to bang on Martell when his former head coach directly stated before the scUM game that he would be coaching in 2019- then retired ONE WEEK later. I guess I can hope Tate withdraws his name and stays on the roster.

    1. Kelly Bryant transferred to Mizzou and now Jalen Hurts put his name in the portal as well.

    2. Urban staying or leaving was not the issue. The problem came when Justin Fields transferred to Ohio State and reduced the percentage of Tate from being the starter this Fall.

      1. Don- I didn’t say Meyer staying or leaving was “the issue”. Instead, the point that I DIRECTLY stated was that it’s unfair to hold a player to a standard that coaches don’t honor themselves. It’s not just at OSU, it’s widespread. And yes, other players put themselves in the portal as well- like Hurts and Bryant. The fact that others do the same thing does not make it right or particularly healthy for the sport. It’s simply not as fun or endearing as it used to be, and scenarios like this are one of the many reasons why

  5. This is what I think has happened since his comments about staying. He had a sit down with Ryan Day and was told that his style of play may not be best suited for the kind of offense Day wants to run. Martell was Urban’s guy because he’s a dual threat kind of guy and we all know Urban likes the QB run. Even though Fields can run he’s more like Haskins both in skill set and size. I think Day gave Tate the option to look around and thats what he’s doing, not necessarily running away from a competition. Remember Danny Clark…he was basically told his style was not really what they wanted anymore and told him to look elsewhere so he recommitted. I think this is the same type of situation for Tate. Give the kid a break. He has to do whats best for his future even though I hate to see transfers period. Just my opinion

  6. i don’t nkow what all Day and Tate have discussed and no way Fields or anyone should just be handed a job–which i dont think is the case..we dont even know if Fields is eligible yet..but after all that Tate said a couple weeks ago-and I liked the competitive attitude–that all seems like nothing now with this happening..doesn’t make any sense to me..the way I look at it is there is always gonna be great competition at OSU..if you can;t handle it and don’t want to be a buckeye, see ya later..I always wish players the best but if they aren’t a Buckeye at heart and wanna leave…see ya….i think he should stay and back his talk up…what if he does leave and Fields isn’t eligible? ..not good

  7. Whatever Tate does I wish him the very best. Some of the ignorant critics here couldn’t lift his jock strap.

  8. Dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. Bye Felicia

    1. Really??? These are the comments you reserve for someone who has poured heart and soul into a program for 2 years?? Why? Just because he is MAYBE leaving for another program? How many of you have ever changed jobs to provide more opportunity for you and/or your loved ones? Do YOU deserve to be told to not let the door hit you in the ass? How do you think Tate feels? Do you think this is/was an easy decision like throwing out the old pair of undies with holes and a racing stripe instead of washing them and darning the holes and taking a chance that they will hold up?

      Tate, thank you for your efforts and may the LORD richly bless you no matter where you end up. You have made The Ohio State University a stronger team.

      1. Merely pointing to the fact that he was bold enough to talk some real shit while Fields was considering coming to OSU…once Fields made it official, his balls shrunk and now he runs…..I respect the fact that he has to do whats best for him, but If he wants to go on social media and talk like a big boy, he should be able to handle the criticism when he makes a 180 degree move…Sorry Voice,if that offends you, but this seems Tate felt “entitled” ….he should have just kept his mouth shut and EARNED it. Maybe OSU isn’t the place for him, and maybe he will find success at another school..and i sincerely hope he does. Joe Burrow gave everything he had for a couple years also, and left RESPECTFUL, and with CLASS…and things have worked out very well for Joe…Maybe Tate should have asked Joe for guidance before hitting the “send” button

        1. So you are admonishing Tate to have some class but see nothing wrong with some one telling him to not let the door hit him in the ass on his way out, or telling him that his balls have shrunk. Please Russ, when you start your Class classes, can I be the first to sign up? You certainly impressed me.

          No it seems Tate has a brain and has possibly spoken with Day and realizes that times have changed and offensive schemes have changed and the smart thing is to find a school that needs and wants his skill set. It’s ok for Day to be ruthless in player selection but evidently it’s not a two way street according to the commentators here. It’s not a matter of him breaking up with you Russ, it’s his life he has to look out for cause if he sticks it out and ends up selling used cars in Columbus all of you commentators wouldn’t even buy a car from him. And you know that’s true.

          1. If he had a conversation with Day and the result was Day saying its best for him to leave, then I am wrong. I am however, so tired of people proclaiming they are 100% gonna do something, and then DONT…That characteristic in REAL LIFE gets you nowhere, even as a used car salesman. It smells to me like he just doesn’t want to EARN the job, he just wants to take the easier path to play… and he is completely entitled to do that…but for me,when the going gets tough,I’m gonna take my ball and go home,is not what I want my QB to do. And Voice, I’ll let you know when I hold my CLASS class, but if you sign up and proclaim you are gonna come…you better show up….

        2. Yeah Joe Burrow did it with “Class” as you perceive… and still got crapped on by many of the Buckeye faithful.

  9. I think it would be best for both parties if Tate followed through with this. We don’t need a QB controversy in Day’s first year (one that Tate is assured of losing to Fields OR Baldwin), and he would have a large number of schools to pick from, just not any of the elite schools.

  10. I can only wish that he is able to obtain the success of his dreams. Thanks fo coming to my Bucks team. Go Tate.

  11. Big words out of his mouth that he is not willing to back up…classic ” mouth wrote a check that ass can’t cash” wish him well, but IF he is the ELITE QB he stated he was, then why is he afraid of the competition? I guess his character now is in question… of luck TATE.

    1. Good thing he’s not in politics. Or maybe it’s a bad thing? Can’t run for POTUS these days without a few character flaws

  12. I was hoping that Martell would stay and move to wide receiver and become our version of hunter renfrow. Renfrow was a QB at Myrtle beach high school and walked on at clemson. The rest is history

  13. Why would Martell be in the books going 10-for10. JT completed 19 in a row last year against PSU

    1. I think he is in the books for completion percentage in a game with a minimum of 10 pass attempts which gives him 100% for the game.

  14. You guys don’t know s^%# about Fields or Tate. If you have never met either than shut the F#%$ up.

    1. Sean Dillon I’ve never met you nor have I ever even seen you on tv or read an article about you, but from that one comment I can tell you I already know all I wanna know about you.

  15. At the very least, Martell is permanently in the OSU football record books for going 10-for-10 in a game. But I’m hoping he elects not to transfer. Fields is not yet a lock to be eligible for the 2019 season. In high school he had a track record of being hurt at times, so there’s always that, too. We all know how important “next man up” – and next man after that – was in the 2014 championship run.
    I’ve read the hype about Fields, and if he lives up to that on the field, great for him – and the Buckeyes (and us fans). But I hate to see a guy waltz in and be handed the starting role without even seeing the playbook, not to mention the hours, hard work and sacrifice already made by guys like Martell and Baldwin.
    Fortunately, that’s Day’s worry, not ours. We can say whatever we want here in couch-potato land, but as the new head coach, Ryan Day is the true judge of talent and the one who has to keep everyone on the same page.

    1. Play the best. Even if it’s a transfer or true freshmen. Urbans meritocracy didn’t pay big dividends

      1. Urbans mediocrity? Hes only the most successful coach in OSU history. Are u a bit spoiled?

  16. This is Ohio State. Every position is going to have competition. If Tate can’t handle another player coming in, then this isn’t the place for him. Check your ego and go earn your starting spot.

  17. Will not miss him at all, good luck at your next stop Tate.

  18. I never saw him as an OSU QB. He’s got some good skills, but seems to be all about himself and not a team player. I wish him well, but feel a lot better about Fields leading this team.

  19. Can’t think anyone connected with the program could possibly be surprised, despite the kid’s protestations. He’s good enough to start – and win – at most programs but all anyone, including many in Buckeye Nation, want to talk about is what great skills Fields has.
    I’m not sold that Tater could win a Natty here BUT I am sure that he’s at worst proven a) that he can go 10/10 which plenty of really ‘gifted’ QBs couldn’t do even in mop-up situations and b) that he’s got a winner’s mentality.
    I’m nowhere near the locker room so I can’t say if he’s a leader or not – I’ve read that he’s quite an arse, but nowhere does it say the kid can’t play either.
    I wish him well, wherever he ends up. Just wish folks wouldn’t annoint kids who haven’t been in the program before they take a snap.

    1. All this, Alexander. 11Warriors folk already trashing him. Not cool.

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