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Two-Minute Drill: Chris Holtmann and Buckeyes Preview Maryland

Ohio State basketball head coach Chris Holtmann

COLUMBUS — After a stretch of road game losses, Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann and his Buckeyes are back home on Friday to face Maryland. The game will be aired on FS1 at 6:30 p.m..

Coach Holtmann, graduate guard Keyshawn Woods and senior guard Joey Lane met with the media on Thursday to preview the game.

Here’s a summary of what was said.

Coach Holtmann

+ Maryland is playing really well right now. It will be a great challenge.

+ The first day after the Iowa loss they looked at some of the fundamental things they have to do better. There was a lot of film review and the team needed to watch some video together. They looked at the things offensively that they need to get better at. That’s the biggest area of concern right now.

+Kaleb Wesson was visibly frustrated at the Iowa game because his foul trouble. The same thing happened the past two games prior. Holtmann is frustrated with that and so is Wesson.

+ They have probably played worse at spots in the past three games. But it’s difficult for people to realize that league play is a different animal and it’s a different animal when you’re so late in the season because teams have catalogs of film on all of the guys. There are some adjustments that need to be made with how teams are clearly playing them.

+ The most difficult thing right now is managing the individual temperature of guys and the collective temperature of guys in this stretch. When you hit bumps in the road, some guys have confidence issues.

+ He tries to eliminate hammering results, results, results. He’s about the daily processes and surrendering the results. Ultimately that will take care of it. It’s hard and there’s a discipline required with that. In a stretch like this, you don’t coach the same.

+ Teams are clearly going at Kaleb Wesson. He’s also seen bigger bodies recently. Some of the teams they played in the non-conference he had a size advantage over. He knows some of the adjustments that he needs to make.

+ They’re trying to figure out who to turn to when Kaleb Wesson is not in the game. Last year, they were able to use Keita Bates-Diop for a change of pace. They have to figure out as a team where that’s going to come from this year.

+ Maryland has excellent shooting collectively and they have two inside threats. It’s going to require a great team defensive effort.

+ They cannot be one-dimensional and be successful. The team knows that and understands that.

+ “You feel losses way more than you feel wins. Your family feels them and you feel them. You have to make sure your team feels them less than you do and don’t feel the weight of the world.” You just figure out a way to commit to the process.

+ He’s always asking how can they do better, especially in stretches like this.

+ He likes this group a lot and he really enjoys coaching this group. His hope in optimism is that in practice today they’re going to get a little bit better.

+ On the turnovers, he said he thought they were careless in the Iowa game. He sees some youth and inexperience. Guys are doing things that older guys typically don’t do.

Senior guard Joey Lane

+ Winning in the Big Ten is hard, especially winning on the road. Playing tough and more together is important for this team and they needed a reminder of that.

+ This was this teams first sense of adversity. It just happens and it’s a grind and it’s a long season. They’re finding that out now. But they’ve been putting in the work whether they’re winning or losing.

+ This team goes through spells. In Rutgers, maybe they weren’t ready for how physical and tough they were. The problem wasn’t that they weren’t playing hard enough.

+ It’s tough to take these lessons but as long as they’re learning from them it should help them in the future.

+ Being a senior and a leader, Joey thinks it’s important for him to keep this team positive and upbeat. They talk a lot about staying the course and that challenge hasn’t been too hard this week. They’ve had two of their best practices in the last few days.

+ On playing more minutes, he said it has been great. He came in as a freshman not expecting to play but the coaches have told him they’re not afraid to put him in and he stays ready for his opportunities.

Graduate guard Keyshawn Woods

+ Working on this team as a group was the focus before working about Maryland. The first thing  they talked about after the Iowa loss was defense.

+ They have to find their rhythm again. It’s on them as players. It’s nothing the coaches can do.

+ On things getting off-track, they’ve now been focused on who they are and being that tough-minded team.

+ The last couple of games he’s played bad. This team needs him to be aggressive on both ends. His teammates and coaches have told him that.

+ He doesn’t know why he has fluctuated from week to week. He said that was a question he cannot answer. Being aggressive is his focus right now.

+He’s been on teams where they have lost eight games in a row. He said that losing three is nothing because they can easily fix it and it’s early in the season. His job as a leader is to help the young guys understand that.

+ This team has to be more aggressive and make more plays when Kaleb Wesson goes out of the game. He draws so much attention so they play off of him. But other people including himself have to step up. When he does go out, the floor should be open for other guys to make plays. They all have to be more aggressive and make shots.

+ Having 21 turnovers, no matter what league you’re in, you can’t win. He’s been preaching that they can’t have those like they did against Iowa.

+ They have to keep everybody confident in that they’ll be able to turn things around. But they have a great spirit about everything. The only way they can get out of this rut is if they can play like a team and go get a win and that starts tomorrow.

+ It was great to see the young guys play, especially Jaedon Ledee and Justin Ahrens. Everybody works hard on this team. But they’ve shown they’re capable of playing at this level.

You can watch the interviews in their entirety below.

Chris Holtmann

Head coach Chris Holtmann

Posted by The Ozone on Thursday, January 17, 2019

Keyshawn Woods and Joey Lane

Keyshawn Woods and Joey Lane

Posted by The Ozone on Thursday, January 17, 2019


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  1. Hey Cageyone, why don’t you apply for the job! Maybe you could find some 7 footers who can play basketball. Also, find a couple more 6’10 or 6’11 players who can flat out play! One of OSU”S problem is they can’t seem to get the top rated high school players to come to Ohio State. They all want to go to Duke, North Carolina or Kentucky! So until OSU can overcome that problem, they will always be a better than a so-so team. By the way, there’s nothing wrong with Coach Holtman, I believe with some of the cream of the crop players come to OSU, he’ll get the best out of what he has. I was disappointed in the Syracuse game when all the front players did was stay in one position. They should have learned something from that Orange team as their front and certain back court players were seemingly always on the move. But again, you have got to have the horses to win the big time games.

  2. Ohio State needs a coach who knows how to break the zone and can teach his players to be more disciplined! This coach is horrendous. His team commits more turnovers than most high school teams I officiate. Learn and teach fundamentals!

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