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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Ohio State Spring Preview: Offense

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr preview spring football for the Ohio State Buckeye offense. They go position by position talking about the names to know and the position battles that will take place, all the while and answering listener questions along the way.

The Rundown

+ Shout out to the Men’s Tennis team.

+ Tony and Tom are stupid idiots and they have the proof.

+ What kind of access will the media have this spring?

+ Old media policies have us jealous and itching to play some quarterback.

+ Previewing the Ohio State quarterbacks this spring.

+ Would Ryan Day prefer to name a starter this spring, or let it go into fall camp?

+ There is a danger in naming a starter in April.

+ There probably won’t be enough of the offense unleashed to even know who the starter is.

+ There are things Justin Fields can do that Matthew Baldwin can’t.

+ Are there things Baldwin can do that Fields can’t?

+ Don’t put too much weight on the spring game when looking at the QBs.

+ If you don’t believe me, go back and look at last year’s spring game box score and compare Joe Burrow and Dwayne Haskins’ numbers.

+ Will there be a running back competition this spring?

+ JK Dobbins can’t just rest on his laurels based on his performance last year.

+ What should we expect from Master Teague this spring?

+ What kind of numbers should we expect from Teague this season?

+ Demario McCall could be at tailback as much as in the slot.

+ Kind of like Curtis Samuel.

+ Marcus Crowley says he’s a bigger back, but he doesn’t look it.

+ Don’t overlook the losses at receiver beyond the production.

+ KJ Hill’s return gives you some leadership.

+ Was Chris Olave the first outside receiver to produce under Urban Meyer as a true freshman?

+ (In the same year Zach Smith is no longer coaching.)

+ There are plenty of options at receiver.

+ More potential at Z than anywhere else?

+ Maybe the Xs aren’t as loaded as we think.

+ This is a big spring for Jaylen Harris, Ellijah Gardiner, and Rashod Berry.

+ How will we see Jaelen Gill used this year?

+ Is this the spring that Jeremy Ruckert emerges?

+ Don’t sleep on Luke Farrell.

+ More two tight end sets this year?

+ Will Ryan Day’s usage of the tight end be different than Urban Meyer’s?

+ Projecting the starting offensive line going into the spring.

+ Who is a guy or two who could emerge to take a job?

+ The fact that there aren’t many candidates to choose from tells you why OSU is looking at grad transfers.

+ An update on the graduate transfer linemen.

+ Could freshman center Harry Miller make a contribution this year?

+ The last 5-star center at OSU ended up starting (Mike Brewster).

+ Tony says Noah Potter will have more sacks this season than Zach Harrison.

+ Listener Questions

+ Are there concerns that Greg Mattison and Al Washington won’t prepare their players properly for The Game.

+ It is correct to be concerned, but it’s not going to be a worry.

+ Tom wants to force Greg Mattison to watch Michigan highlights in order to deprogram him.

+ Al Washington should be fine. He’s a Buckeye legacy.

+ Anybody standing out so far in winter workouts?

+ Who will be the Bam Childress of the 2019 spring game?

+ How balanced with this offense be?

+ How much running will the quarterback be doing?

+ Which young players do the older players think people need to pay attention to?

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