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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Will Baron Browning Click This Spring?

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr tackle the second spring practice for the Buckeyes. It was a better day for the quarterbacks, as expected. The fellas also talk about the OSU secondary thanks to a key position change. The Buckeyes going back under center is talked about, as is OSU center Kaleb Wesson being back from suspension. All of this and much, much more.

The Rundown

+ The Feds have busted rich folks for wanting their kids to be coxswains.

+ Sailing is a college sport?

+ How much would you pay to get your kid into a branch campus?

+ Nobody puts baby in the back of a boat.

+ This is for the parents, not the kids.

+ How much did John O’Korn’s parents pay to get him into Michigan?

+ Spring ball day two.

+ The quarterbacks were better, as should have been expected.

+ Matthew Baldwin ahead right now?

+ Baldwin isn’t chasing Justin Fields.

+ Baldwin sees value in patience.

+ Baldwin wants to start and create a legacy, Fields just wants to start and leave OSU as quickly as possible.

+ Can OSU plan their future around the idea that all three scholarship QBs will be around in September?

+ Tom just wants to talk to Chugs about a sports bar idea we have.

+ Amir Riep moves from safety to corner speaks more about the corners or safeties?

+ Are there concerns about the three second-year corners?

+ Wouldn’t an easy fix just be putting Shaun Wade at corner?

+ Not if there’s no longer a cornerback rotation.

+ Don’t forget that Gareon Conley wasn’t ready until his third year at cornerback.

+ Does the staff even know where Shaun Wade is going to play this year?

+ Brendon White is lining up everywhere.

+ This is looking like a versatile defense.

+ Ryan Day said he hopes things click for Baron Browning this spring.

+ That means things haven’t yet clicked for Browning?

+ Sometimes linebackers — like any position — take time, look at Curtis Grant and Etienne Sabino.

+ This is a fresh opportunity with new coaches for Baron Browning.

+ Is it unfair to expect a Brian Hartline-like impact from Al Washington this year?

+ The linebackers are a veteran group, much like the receivers last year.

+ There is one major difference, however.

+ Breaking News: Jabrill Peppers has been traded.

+ Mike Yurcich on the Buckeyes going under center this year.

+ The positives of going under center.

+ This is proof that Ryan Day is willing to stay on the cutting edge as he’s said he wants to do.

+ Now they can beat Michigan at Michigan’s own game.

+ Tom starts talking make believe.

+ Defenses now have more things to prepare for from Ohio State’s offense.

+ Buckeyes got a commitment from Trey Leroux.

+ Ryan Day is listening to the show it is clear.

+ OSU is going after Ohio linemen just as we told Day to do.

+ There are dangers in taking Ohio linemen this early.

+ The danger of needing linemen is greater, however.

+ Talking coaching salaries.

+ Why did OSU keep a bunch of coaches right under $1 million?

+ Urban Meyer is joining FOX.

+ People really got upset with FOX for doing this.

+ Nobody is even bothered by Reggie Bush being on the show.

+ Kaleb Wesson is back and just in time.

+ This is a play-in game for a play-in game.

+ There is question of how ready Wesson will be.

+ Players know how important this game is.

+ What Kaleb Wesson are they going to get on Thursday?

+ Why worry about it? He’ll have two quick fouls in the first minute of action.

+ Holtmann will have a keen eye on Wesson early on against the Hoosiers.

+ Tom can get you on the USC water polo team if you send him a 5-star review.

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  1. I dont get all the complaining about this kid. As s freshman, he was a freshman. Looked athletic, size looked good, and he stuck his nose in there. In year two, he was made to play in the worst defensive scheme ever at OSU and made to play behind the two worst linebackers I have ever seen at OSU (in 42 years). So with all that, I am very optimistic he can reach his promise.

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