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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Spring Ball Opens, and So Does the QB Battle

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr recap what they saw from day one of Ohio State’s spring practice. How did the quarterbacks look? Who has moved positions? What is going on with the Buckeye defensive scheme change? And much, much more from the day’s action.

The Rundown

+ We are recording from Tom’s car because lobbyists hate us.

+ We got to see an hour of Ohio State’s first spring practice!

+ It wasn’t a great hour for the quarterbacks.

+ Let’s put it into some perspective and context.

+ Let’s Go Chugz!

+ Demario McCall is now with the running backs, but has a nagging injury.

+ JK Dobbins is happy to be The Man.

+ Ryan Day on why JK Dobbins struggled last year.

+ A new mentality will help Dobbins in 2019.

+ Where are we going for Spring Break?

+ KJ Hill thought he was headed to the NFL after the Rose Bowl.

+ Jaelen Gill looked good and may be the reason why Demario McCall is at RB.

+ Gill could be the guy who gets hyped up to the point of angering fans.

+ We’ll know more about stuff after Friday’s practice.

+ We can start putting pieces together after that.

+ Trying to decipher the depth chart is tough.

+ But we got a good look at the current OL two deep.

+ Thayer Munford still having an issue with his back, that’s not great.

+ Branden Bowen was at right tackle and so was Nicholas Petit-Frere.

+ Theorizing Petit-Frere’s spring.

+ Bowen vs. Petit-Frere is going to be interesting to watch this spring.

+ The Buckeyes are over 85 scholarships, so is it time to shut the program down?

+ We got our first look at Brendon White the linebacker.

+ How often will the Buckeyes be in the hybrid look?

+ Running down the linebacker depth chart.

+ Specializing players.

+ Why did Ryan Day want this defense?

+ The coaches don’t yet know exactly what the defense will look like.

+ Jashon Cornell is back at defensive tackle.

+ When you’ve got Zach Harrison running with the fours, you’ve got some nice depth at defensive end.

+ Harrison is just interesting to watch run around and do drills.

+ The transformation of Javontae Jean-Baptiste has been impressive.

+ This is such a deep group of defensive ends.

+ It makes sense to default to last year’s starting lineup in the first practice and then go from there.

+ Trying to figure out what’s going on with the safeties.

+ Nickel hasn’t been implemented yet, so there is still more to come.

+ Let’s talk about Shaun Wade.

+ A lot can change over the first few practices.

+ This is a big spring for Antwuan Jackson.

+ Let’s make one definitive statement about one player or thing we saw today after just one hour of viewing.

+ Tom likes Austin Mack.

+ Tony likes Jaelen Gill.

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