Morning Constitutional: What is Mike Yurcich’s Process for Teaching QBs?

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Today’s Topic: What is Mike Yurcich’s Process for Teaching Quarterbacks?

Ryan Day hired Mike Yurcich back in early January to coach the quarterbacks and coordinate the passing game for the Buckeyes.

He has been on the job for two months now, and beginning on Wednesday he’ll actually finally get to start doing some on-the-field coaching.

The off-field coaching, however, has been ongoing as coaches and players are permitted to watch film together for a set amount of time each week. During these meetings, Yurcich has been able to set a baseline for what his quarterbacks know and how it is they came to know it.

Through these meetings, he has gotten to know his players pretty well, but things are just getting started.

“Well, it’s a process, and nowhere near where it needs to be, obviously,” Yurcich said. “It takes time. It takes time, and it takes an investment on both ends and an openness and just trying to create a dialogue.”

As that relationship grows, Yurcich learns more about his players and as he coaches them, he sees what works for each individual and what doesn’t. He then tries to map out the best path for each of his players.

“For me as a quarterback coach, I have to try to learn how the quarterbacks learn the best, and everybody processes information a little bit differently,” he explained. “Everybody has a different mentality. Everybody has different emotions, and so for me, it’s just a real great opportunity to take the time in this offseason to learn all those things about each individual, all the quarterbacks in the room and all the offensive players and all the coaches and everybody that’s involved, everybody in this building. You’re just trying to get to know everybody and develop those relationships.”

The hours are long, but the intention is noble.

“My way or the highway” is a dead-end street when it comes to teaching quarterbacks, which is why Yurcich’s way is to see each of his players as individuals. In doing so, he learns how to connect with each player and what each player needs from him in order to maximize their playing potential.

It is the kind of attention to detail that Urban Meyer also saw in Ryan Day.

“It takes a lot of time,” Yurcich admitted. “And you can’t just jump into a situation and pretend that you know everything about everybody. It takes a lot of time and investment.”

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  1. Here is hoping he is half the QB whisperer that Tommy Gentlemen’s Club Herman was.

    1. True, but under Day, OSU’s QB reached unseen heights. Believe that he will then have Day looking over his shoulder.

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