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Two-Minute Drill: Holtmann, Buckeyes Talk Tourney Win Over IU

Following Ohio State’s 79-75 win over Indiana in the second round of the Big Ten Tournament, Buckeye head coach Chris Holtmann and senior guards Keyshawn Woods and CJ Jackson spoke with reporters about the game. They talked about the win and what it took to get there and everything else involved. Here are the highlights.

Chris Holtmann

+ This was a tough win for the Buckeyes. Give Indiana credit for making it that way. Even when OSU was up, he knew the score would get tight because that’s what Indiana does.

+ Players win games, and that’s what Kaleb Wesson, CJ Jackson, and Keyshawn Woods did for the Buckeyes today.

+ Bubble talk starts in November in the media, and when it involves the team itself it requires discipline. He said he’s not sure they’ve been great at it this year. As much as possible, however, they have just tried to focus on the next game on the schedule.

+ Keyshawn Woods was tremendous in every way today. Since about the 10-minute mark of the Wisconsin game, Woods has been a player who doesn’t want his career to end. That’s what you want to see from your seniors. He and CJ Jackson were both terrific.

+ Holtmann has watched Michigan State a little bit, but not much. That will obviously change tonight. He didn’t know whether Nick Ward would be back. (He is expected to be back.)

+ MSU is an elite team that can win it all. They are deserving of everything that has come their way. Ohio State will need to play exceptional basketball for all 40 minutes.

CJ Jackson

+ It was good to have Kaleb Wesson back. He’s a key member of the team, so it was good to have him back involved on the court.

+ They knew IU was going to make a run because they never quit. “We just had to continue to be who we are in those type of moments and continue to fight and stay together. And we did that.”

+ Everyone knows what type of team Michigan State is and the Buckeyes will “definitely” be ready tomorrow.

Keyshawn Woods

+ Kaleb draws a lot of attention defensively, which opens the court offensively for the rest of the team. He makes life easier. Defensively, Wesson is able to provide protection on drives and he is a great communicator.

+ Indiana coming back was a bit of OSU letting up and also just getting away from what had been working. They eventually regrouped when it really mattered, however.

+ On Michigan State, “you always want to play a team that beat you twice.” It’s an important game.

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  1. Nice team game Thursday. Defense was consistent and good. Offense moved the ball side to side with passing and player rotation all the while looking for K. Wesson to get posted low . K Woods said it well on the IU comeback. OSU let up and got away from what worked. Dribbling to go 1 on 1 increased and led to turnovers. And if a guy is 6/8 from three, he should not get a free looks late!

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