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Two-Minute Drill: Holtmann Updates Kaleb Wesson’s Status, Previews Northwestern

Chris Holtmann Ohio State Basketball Buckeyes

COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann met with the media on Tuesday to preview Wednesday’s game at Northwestern. He also provided an update on Kaleb Wesson’s suspension.

Junior forward Andre Wesson and sophomore forward Kyle Young also answered questions from reporters. Here’s a summary of what was said.

Chris Holtmann

+ Holtmann congratulates Jim Delaney on his retirement. Even though he is new to the Big Ten, he is well aware of his accomplishments.

+ Northwestern has difficult people to guard.

+ Kaleb Wesson will still be out for tomorrow’s game against Northwestern.

+ They are trying to figure out the best way to attack defenses given the fact that much of their offensive game plan has been playing out of the post.

+ It is hard to make too many significant adjustments at this point in the season.

+ On Kyle Young’s injury, Holtmann said any bit of him is better than nothing. But the lack of practice time has really hurt him and it has affected him for sure.

+ They are taking Kaleb Wesson’s suspension day by day but he is also kind of being advised on what to do by people above him.

+ Kaleb Wesson is a part of the family and they do not use that term lightly. But he knows there’s going be some learning opportunities along the way when he’s working with 18 to 22 year-olds. They are going to move forward but he hopes there’s a lot of learning and growth from the situation.

+ Kaleb Wesson is still with them everyday and is still involved in everything they do. He is not kicked off the team.

+ They are going to have to screen better and get in transition more with a smaller lineup.

+ They don’t want to overhaul everything they have done offensively this season, in this last week.

+ They did not bring enough competitiveness and effort to the Purdue game. He rarely says that about this group but that was the case at Purdue.

+ Holtmann says he hasn’t been through a season that has had this many twists and turns to it. But it is exciting and he is grateful for this group. They have the opportunity to play games that matter in March. They have to stare the challenges straight ahead and attack them with confidence and positivity.

+ Kyle Young is certainly needed more now. But he can only do what he can do.

Andre Wesson

+ The situation with Kaleb Wesson hasn’t been too hard on him personally. He is just trying to encourage Kaleb and not let him get down on himself. Everybody is uplifting him and helping him through this time.

+ They need to focus more on playing inside-out against Northwestern.

+ Kaleb is just trying to do what he can do right now, being the best teammate that he can be. It is helpful that Kaleb still travels with the team. Having him there is huge. He is motivating the team during timeouts.

+ This season has taught him that they have the talent, they just have to lock in.

+ They have had players only meetings. Wesson said they definitely did help.

Kyle Young

+ He is still trying to manage his leg and keep up with his physical therapy.

+ Not being able to practice fully has been tough because biking and swimming is not the same as being on the court. It has limited him a bit in terms of what he can do when he is on the court during games because he’s not 100 percent yet.

+ On Jaedon LeDee’s performance at Purdue, Young said it was great to see him out there competing. He did a good job.

+ It’s day by day with his leg. He would like to get back to normal practicing this year but he’s not sure if he can yet.

+ They know they have the talent to keep winning games they just can’t relax. They have to be the toughest team. They have to be focused all the time and be ready to compete all the time.

+ He doesn’t feel extra pressure now that Kaleb Wesson is out. The team understands that it is everybody’s job to pick up the slack, not just his.

+ They are trying to seek more from other guys when Kaleb Wesson is out. They have to get better at that everyday, especially now that Kaleb is out.


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Coach Holtmann

Chris Holtmann previews Northwestern and updates Kaleb Wesson’s suspension.

Posted by The Ozone on Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Andre Wesson and Kyle Young

Andre Wesson and Kyle Young preview Northwestern.

Posted by The Ozone on Tuesday, March 5, 2019