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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Putting the ‘Ohio’ Back in Ohio State Recruiting

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr have a discussion about Ryan Day’s approach to recruiting in the state of Ohio. Basketball commit Ibrahima Diallo is also a topic, as is a rule proposal involving graduate transfers. Playoff odds are also talked about, specifically Michigan being more likely to make the playoffs than Ohio State. A handful of listener questions are also addressed, including where former Buckeyes might play in today’s game.

The Rundown

+ Spring is over and we’ve covered it all.

+ There was more to talk about last offseason for some reason.

+ Ohio State offers 3-star Ohio safety Rickey Hyatt.

+ Ryan Day continues to show he is serious about recruiting Ohio talent.

+ A surprising offer?

+ Day’s Ohio approach isn’t going unnoticed by Ohio coaches and the people around the players.

+ Some Buckeye fans want this, others dread it.

+ Tom makes an objection.

+ Ohio State has lost Urban Meyer, so that is going to lead to a downturn initially in recruiting.

+ Ryan Day isn’t just throwing offers out to Ohioans willy nilly.

+ Willy Nilly has not yet been offered, for instance.

+ This recruiting class could be a one-year blip due to Ryan Day not being a known commodity.

+ This could end up like the 2012 class that bridged three head coaches.

+ The Ohioans in that class were some very big names who weren’t highly rated.

+ This defense needs a lot of safeties, so offering the best in the state isn’t a bad move.

+ Maybe they just like Rickey Hyatt.

+ The commitment of Ibrahima Diallo.

+ He’s listed at 7-0 200, but he has to be heavier than that because he’s visible.

+ He’s raw and tall.

+ What kind of impact can he have next year?

+ He’s insurance.

+ It could be significant if Kaleb Wesson doesn’t return.

+ Chris Holtmann doesn’t want 13 guys on the team who think they’re going to play 20 minutes a night.

+ NCAA talking about tying up the scholarships of graduate transfers for two years.

+ This is punitive and bullcrap.

+ The NCAA wants to cloak this in academics and it has never been about academics.

+ This would punish players who graduate, so how can this be about academics.

+ These are all big boys.

+ Why disincentivize graduation?

+ It would also cost freshmen the opportunities to play at big schools because there would be one less scholarship slot available.

+ We will not stand for this.

+ Why punish athletes by forcing them to stay at Rutgers?

+ ESPN’s playoff predictor has Michigan much more likely to make the playoffs than Ohio State.

+ Michigan’s schedule is no joke.

+ How the hell is Tennessee on this list?

+ Michigan is too high.

+ Ohio State is understandably low?

+ Michigan does have a quarterback, quarterback whisperer, and an offensive genius. Can Ohio State say that?

+ Don Brown is back as is his mustache.

+ The Game is in Ann Arbor this year and Ohio State has never won five in a row in Ann Arbor.

+ Will Jim Harbaugh get out of the way?

+ That doesn’t fix the fact that they have a fullback playing defensive tackle now.

+ Michigan’s defensive line is going to have a rough day against Army.

+ Was Tate Martell booed at Miami’s spring game?

+ No, it was just an open practice.

+ Martell is not a lock to start this season somehow.

+ Miami fans are some of the most well-reasoned in the nation.

+ Tom ruins the moment.

+ Listener questions!

+ Which is in better shape right now: Ohio State’s offense or Ohio State’s defense.

+ This comes down to Thayer Munford and the linebackers.

+ Justin Fields’ 4-of-13 wasn’t that bad.

+ Everything boils down to how Thayer Munford is doing.

+ The Buckeyes have guys who can make it work on defense.

+ There is confidence that the defense has the pieces they need.

+ Tony still wants to see the defense look like an Ohio State defense.

+ The defense can’t be worse, but could the offense be better?

+ How would some former OSU greats fare in today’s game?

+ Craig Powell?

+ Matt Wilhelm?

+ Roger Harper?

+ Eddie George?

+ Imagine Larry Johnson having Eddie George coming around the edge.

+ What about Nicky Sualua? Robert Landers-type of nose tackle?

+ Steve Bellisari?

+ The kids today don’t appreciate the legend of Steve Bellisari.

+ He was gonna be Mike Doss before Mike Doss was Mike Doss. He could have been Tim Tebow before Tim Tebow was Tim Tebow.

+ Steve Bellisari in an Urban Meyer offense would have been good.

+ Joey Galloway in Ryan Day’s would have put up 2,000 yards receiving.

+ What about Dwayne Haskins on the 1995 team?

+ Bobby Hoying was very good, but he wasn’t Dwayne Haskins.

+ What about Antoine Winfield?

+ A slot stopper?

+ Put Antoine Winfield at nose tackle or middle linebacker and he’d be just fine too.

+ How different was the offense from the spring game and the spring practices we saw?

+ No under center stuff in the spring game.

+ No Bullets at linebacker either.

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