Two-Minute Drill: Ryan Day Spring Practice Updates — April 1

Ryan Day Ohio State Head Coach Buckeyes

COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day met with reporters following practice on Monday. He answered questions about the offensive line, as well as many other position groups, and provided updates as to how things are going now that the Buckeyes have moved into the second half of spring camp. Here are the highlights.

+ What did Justin Fields do to lose his black stripe? He made plays and came out with a good attitude of the understanding it takes to be a quarterback at Ohio State. He’s able to run the offense right now and that’s pretty significant.

+ He doesn’t want to put limitations on when Justin Hilliard and Kamryn Babb will return. “We’ll see as the months go on.”

+ They always want to be at 16 offensive linemen. Jonah Jackson helps them get to that number. He can play guard and center. Not where he will start out. It depends on how things shake out this spring. There are five guys not here this spring who could contribute, including Jackson, Thayer Munford, and the incoming freshmen.

+ They’ll start looking into completion percentage of their quarterbacks before determining who is ahead right now. They’ll do that maybe beginning today.

+ Josh Myers has picked up where he left off in bowl practices. This about the time when guys start making moves. They’ll know more about where he stands after spring.

+ Greg Studrawa’s results speak for itself. He recruited well the last two years nationally.

+ The installation of the defense has been solid. They have been creating turnovers. The offense has been explosive. Now they need guys to take the next step to be great.

+ Branden Bowen’s leg is much further along now than it was in the fall and in bowl practice. He’s had time to heal up. He’s played some right tackle and left tackle. Having this spring and the offseason will be a big help. He’s been solid. Bowen would tell you he hasn’t been great this spring.

+ Running the ball against this defense is similar, but throwing the ball is different based on the spacing. Some of the linebackers are showing up in different practices.

+ Will the tight ends be playing more? “They’re getting there. They’re a strength. They’ve had a good offseason. There is a place for that, for sure.” Now the tight ends are competing against other position groups. If the second tight end is better than the third receiver, then you’ll play two tight ends.

+ The plan is still for Day to call plays this fall. Assistants are doing it this spring so he can get a feel for how things would work if he wasn’t calling plays. And it’s also important for staff development.

+ There are a lot of different ways to call plays. Some people script a lot. Decisions are made on Tuesday or Wednesday. Others will spar for the first quarter and feel each other out and then get after it. That’s more of Day’s style. But it all goes back to Tuesday and Wednesday when you’re drawing stuff up.

+ Harry Miller absolutely can come in and compete right away for a job. He is Facetiming a lot with Studrawa two or three times per week. He is working to get himself physically ready with Mickey Marotti. “We expect him to come in here and play right away.”

+ Recruiting offensive linemen, you look for certain body types when recruiting tackles. Then you also look for swing guys who can play both. Guards are more the thicker guys, like Wyatt Davis. The centers are usually more athletic. Built lower to the ground. Michael Jordan was an outlier. Linemen now at the NFL Combine all look like athletes now. They don’t look like they used to 20 years ago.

+ When he is looking at quarterbacks, they look for accuracy, ability to stand in the pocket, managing the game, ability to move the ball. Do they use their personal skill set to their advantage? The end of the day, do you lead the other 10 men on the field and do you put the ball in the end zone.

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