Report: Wide Receiver Garyn Prater Puts Name In Transfer Portal

Ohio State football wide receiver Garyn Prater

Garyn Prater, who spent the last two seasons as a walk-on wide receiver with the Ohio State football team, has put his name in the NCAA Transfer Portal according to a report from Patrick Murphy of Bucknuts.

Prater had one reception for 13 yards as a Buckeye. That came in 2018 against Tulane.

However, Prater showed signs that his game could be taking a step forward during 2019 spring practices.

He worked at the X receiver position throughout the spring and made several impressive catches during portions of practice that were open to the media.

After the 10th practice of the spring, OSU head coach Ryan Day suggested that Prater could be on his way to a bigger role on the team.

You never know how things happen. He’s showing up every day and making plays. C.J. Saunders is a guy who walked on here and earned a scholarship. Keep stacking days up like that and making plays, and before you know it, he could be on the field,” Day said.

Prater had one catch for no gain in the 2019 Spring Game.

As an X receiver, Prater was still behind Austin Mack, Binjimen Victor, and Jaylen Harris on the Buckeyes’ depth chart.

Because he is a walk-on, his departure does not impact the Buckeyes’ scholarship count.

His younger brother, Evan, is a 3-star quarterback recruit in the class of 2020.

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  1. I noticed the kid is from Wyoming HS in Cinci…JT recruited a kid out of there about 10 or so years ago. Don’t remember the guy’s name, just that he didn’t work out either and transferred out pretty quickly. Seems to me he was a RB in HS, and switched back & forth as RB/WR for the Bucks.

  2. Coaches can change schools like I change my shirt. Non athlete students may transfer at will. Non athlete students whether on a scholarship or not may have a job and even profit from their specialty while on scholarship. Any other person at a University is free to come and go like the breeze. Why should athletes be shackled? Prater isn’t even on scholarship for Woody’s sake, he should not even have to go through the portal. He walked on he should be able to walk off. The system, as it exists, is the pinnacle of hypocrisy.

  3. Can’t fault the young man for wanting to play, possibly with his education paid for. Maybe a MAC team will sign him?

  4. James don’t be a wet blanket. If the kid has a better opportunity to play or perhaps a family situation are we supposed to fault him for that? Quit taking things so personal. Best of luck to him!

    1. Um, no. The transfer portal is a mentally retarded level piece of pampering the cry babies. Get your degree, then go somewhere else. Don’t want to be at Ohio State, Alabama etc etc etc…………..don’t accept a scholarship OR walk on.

      The transfer portal is for whimpy little snot nosed momma boys who have no business in College to begin with.

      1. James, I don’t recall you being upset about Justin Fields using the portal to transfer here. You can’t have it both ways. Plus, if you are gonna get pissy, be mad at the NCAA not the kids. They are within their right to transfer.

        1. ROTFL………apparently you never read any of the comments I made about that topic. I think Fields should trot his ass back to UGa where he belongs. I’ve simply refrained from getting too vocal because he’s now on the Buckeye team. Doesn’t change my perspective any way. He’s talented, but a whiny little spoiled brat coward. Happy now?

            1. You mean…..stay real. ANY program that would sell their integrity for a win is putting themselves in a bad position. It’s just a matter of WHEN the roosters are going to rule the farmers house. The same process of decay that the Romper Room (NFL) went through in cheapening and watering down the level of play, is at work in College Football. People love College ball because it’s “innocent.” It became America’s favorite pastime for that reason and for the reason that spoiled brats didn’t get to dictate.

              EVERY program gives the opportunity to “compete” for a spot based on the decision the kids made in coming to an agreement to attend the school, which last time I checked is still available to ALL scholarship athletes. Theoretically college was once a place for boys to become men. When the allowance is suddenly made for those boys to throw a temper tantrum, and, run away from their commitment, the moral and ethical aspects of their character isn’t called into question…………’s exposed.

  5. Well……..bye. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    1. James, I’m surprised by your reaction. This kid just wants to play and with the plethora of talent we have at wide receiver, and more on the way, his chances are slim to none. Also, I think their is an unconscious bias against walk-ons. Sanders, our walk-on from Dublin is a perfect example.
      Another thing, just look at the really good receivers in the B1G from Columbus that were overlooked by OSU, e.g. IN 2018, Spielman at Minnesota and Riley at Wisconsin.
      I wish this kid nothing but the best.

      1. Paul…that talent was there the day he decided to walk-on. So why walk-on at all? These guys get the idea that for some reason the coaches got their recruiting criteria all wrong because they clearly missed recruiting them……………BAH…….be gone with them, and they really need to shut that worthless transfer portal down. It’s a disease.

        If they can’t earn their way up the depth chart that’s their problem. Don’t use the crybaby portal to further cheapen College Football.

        Pantoni does a remarkable job vetting out recruits to target. If he misses, he misses. Far more often than not he nails what will eventually be the Buckeye roster. There are about 11,000 D-1A scholarship football players on rosters every year. There are probably close to 1,100,000 high school players every year. Obviously not all will graduate, but you can believe that almost all from their freshman season have been looked at and placed under evaluations by their coaches and submitted for review. Push the margin or error to 30 pct available spots annually and 30 pct HS players actually graduating. That leaves 3300 spots available and 330,000 kids wanting to fill those spots. If there are misses……..there are misses. If a kid decides that somehow a school “over-looked” them……..walk-on. IF they can somehow earn their way up the depth chart. COOL. If not, then their desire to be a baller isn’t met or matched by their abilities. Sometimes they are…………..but if they’re not, suck it up and at least finish school.

        Why should programs be punished over a kids bloated idea of where they stand athletically against other guys who truly are gifted athletes? Why should ANY school honor a quitter? This transfer portal garbage a pile of worthlessness designed simply to pamper and coddle. These guys are college age……….frigging time to man up and accept facts instead of pip dreams.

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