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Buckeye SloopCast: S4E59 — Wayback Machine

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This is a re-airing of Episode 61 from 2016 and features Jared and Kyle counting down their favorite Ohio State plays from 1996-2016. That’s 20 years of memories, and had they begun one year earlier, it would have included a Regis Philbin sideline interview. Don’t worry, however, there are still plenty of great plays to talk about that don’t involve Terry Glenn putting the burners to Notre Dame.

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  1. Funny thing: Regis Philbin was doing a Grand Opening at a store called Homeplace in Westerville, the summer before that missed-opportunity mentioned in the article. I remember him flapping his jib about Notre Dame, prior to the grand opening ceremonies. I asked him to put his money where his mouth was, and he agreed, bet me $20. Never paid up.

    I always wanted to get on Millionaire, those early seasons where he was the host, so I could give him grief on national television. Of course the Buckeyes stomped ‘em.

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