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Buckeye Weekly Podcast: All Hail Jackhammer Pyromaniac

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss Ohio State’s latest quarterback addition and what it means for Ohio State. They also spend some time on high school quarterbacks throwing verbal daggers at the Buckeyes, including Michigan commit JJ McCarthy. The fellas also discuss the most painful loss to Michigan State and what sporting events they would sign a petition to get changed. All of this and much, much more.

The Rundown

+ Tom, the softball dictator.

+ The Buckeyes add quarterback Jagger Laroe.

+ What does this do for Ohio State?

+ May give them more experience down the road.

+ Learning under Ryan Day for a couple of years isn’t a bad gig for a QB.

+ Quarterbacks are seeking out Ryan Day.

+ Buckeyes have a Gunnar, a Jagger, and a Chugs.

+ What does the JP in JP Andrade stand for?

+ Another pop quiz for Tom on an old-timey football name.

+ Michigan 2021 QB commit JJ McCarthy says OSU lied to him.

+ Now he wants to kill Ohio State.

+ So OSU clearly chose Kyle McCord over JJ McCarthy, right?

+ Was Ohio State slow-playing McCord?

+ Good sign that Paris Johnson is laughing about McCarthy.

+ Now an Iowa QB commit is talking trash about Ohio State!?

+ He’s won on every level except for college and the pros.

+ Why poke the bear?

+ Iowa is using the 2017 win in recruiting, which they should, but maybe don’t do it so vociferously.

+ This will end up on Jeff Hafley’s desk.

+ If you’re name is Deuce, you can get away with saying outrageous things.

+ Speaking of nightmarish days in Ohio State football history.

+ People don’t know how to follow rules.

+ There is no way people can view the 2015 MSU loss as being worse than the 1998 loss.

+ If you could sign a petition and get one sporting event in your life changed, what would it be?

+ Tony’s changing the Hue Hollins game.

+ Tom’s changing some New York bullcrap.

+ Tom also intriguingly changes the ’95 loss to Michigan, which allows the Buckeyes to also beat them in 1996.

+ Who follows John Cooper if the Buckeyes win it all in ’98?

+ Urban Meyer and Jim Tressel would have still been available.

+ Uninteresting stories from OSU orientation.

+ ♪ “We just learned this place existed.” ♪

+ Listener questions.

+ Despite the coaching changes, national perception is high for Ohio State.

+ Buckeyes have earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to preseason projections.

+ What former OSU basketball player has the best chance at being head coach.

+ Tom thinks maybe Scoonie.

+ Tony says Gerald Eaker.

+ Will Demario McCall still have a role in this offense?

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[Buckeye Weekly is an Ohio State podcast that covers Ohio State football, Ohio State recruiting, and Ohio State basketball.]