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In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr talk Ohio State football and basketball. The show starts with basketball as the Justice Sueing transfer and Kalen Etzler commitment are discussed. Then some time is spent on John Beilein leaving Michigan. Was this another Steinbrenner-Drew Henson moment for Ohio State? They then discuss some QBs from the Big Ten past before getting into future names, namely 2021 UM QB commit JJ McCarthy and 2021 OSU commits Kyle McCord and Jack Sawyer. Julian Fleming, TV schedules, and the best Buckeye of all-time who went by initials instead of a first name are also discussed. And more.

The Rundown

+ Justice Sueing is a Buckeye.

+ What will he bring to the team?

+ An improvement on Andre Wesson in 2020-2021?

+ Combine Sueing with EJ Liddell, Alonzo Gaffney, and possibly Kaleb Wesson and you have depth and talent.

+ The 2020-2021 team could be the best at Ohio State in close to a decade.

+ The Kalen Etzler commitment.

+ But why are there not a lot of big offers for a Top 50-ish guy?

+ Does Tom invent the word “trajectable?”

+ John Beilein going to the Cavs.

+ Were you surprised?

+ The dude has coached at every level now.

+ He made his players better every year.

+ Great basketball mind.

+ Will he do well in Cleveland?

+ Was this a George Steinbrenner-Drew Henson type of moment for Ohio State-Michigan?

+ Let’s revisit how good Drew Henson was.

+ When Steinbrenner pried Henson away from Michigan, they were gutted.

+ If Henson is on the 2001 Michigan football team, Jim Tressel doesn’t start 1-0 against Michigan.

+ Comparing Drew Henson to Tom Brady.

+ Let’s talk about Tom Brady at Michigan.

+ We talk about the greatest opposing quarterback performances against the Buckeyes.

+ Phillip Rivers isn’t statistically on the list.

+ How do you give up 621 yards passing in 1981?

+ Drew Brees was pretty darn good.

+ Tom Brady was forgettable at Michigan, so how did become the GOAT?

+ He was no different than a Dreisbach or Navarre.

+ Even back then, Michigan fans wanted Brady on the bench for Drew Henson.

+ Enjoying all of the different people who claim they made Tom Brady great.

+ ‘Sup Notre Dame fans.

+ Nick Saban had to move to a lesser conference to become a winner.

+ Five-star quarterback JJ McCarthy commits to Ohio State.

+ The future of JJ McCarthy vs. Kyle McCord.

+ How often have the UM and OSU QB commits had offers from both schools over the years?

+ Thankfully Tom did the research.

+ Michigan’s quarterback recruiting hasn’t been great until recently.

+ Next year will likely be the first year a Jim Harbaugh recruit starts at quarterback for Michigan.

+ A Michigan recruit says McCarthy won’t get sacked in college.

+ OSU defensive end commit Jack Sawyer says, “O Rly?”

+ We love it, but be careful that you don’t end up on the Kyle Kalis side of history.

+ Hate is great and telling us about it is greater.

+ But just be careful about getting blood on the field that is only your own.

+ The more hostility the better.

+ It’s looking like Ohio State for Julian Fleming.

+ What kind of prospect is he?

+ Brian Hartline is pretty, pretty, pretty good.

+ How good does that make OSU’s receiving class in 2020?

+ Where do these guys project on the field?

+ Buckeyes need to see something from Jaylen Harris this year to make it not a concern in 2020.

+ Let’s talk TV.

+ FOX’s top game every week will be at 12:00 pm this season.

+ We like this but know you might not.

+ This gives you FOX’s biggest game at noon, then a big SEC game at 3:30 on CBS, then big games at night as well.

+ It’s awesome, not that we get to see any of it.

+ The bigger games can be more spread out now and you don’t have to switch between games.

+ This also gives FOX a shot with their Saturday morning pregame show lead-in.

+ Night games are not good for anybody.

+ 8pm games on the road SUCK!

+ We explain why you are wrong to not like noon games.

+ You should stop being selfish.


+ Thank you for listening to us whine.

+ One listener question.

+ Who are the greatest Ohio State players who go by their initials?

+ Who is the greatest? JT Barrett? AJ Hawk? JK Dobbins?

+ Tony put together an entire OSU team who went by their initials, almost.

+ JT Moore has to play all four defensive line positions for the Buckeyes. Sorry.

+ Tony puts together a cheatful group of linebackers.

+ AJ Trapasso is second-team punter on this team behind BJ Sander.

+ Tony plays a game and asks Tom to give the year that certain Buckeye names played.

+ First: Merle Wendt.

+ Second: Emil Slovak.

+ Third: Gust Zarnas.

+ Thanks for listening.

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[Buckeye Weekly is an Ohio State podcast that covers Ohio State football, Ohio State recruiting, and Ohio State basketball.]

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  1. Long time reader of TheOzone and fan of the podcast here. Question for y’all: who was the better linebacker for OSU? The Mike D’Andrea who played for Woody Hayes or the Mike D’Andrea who played for Jim Tressel?

  2. Foul! Foul! Foul! Tom should be awarded a win on question three since there was never a player named Gust Zarnas. There was of course Gus Zarnas, and Gus, as is commonly known, is the anglicized familiar form of the Greek name Kosata (as in Koufos). Had Tom gotten a legitimate question with the proper clue I am absolutely sure he would have nailed that question.

    1. If you are saying OSU’s records are incorrect, then sir, how dare you! Maybe he ran like the wind, hence the name. And don’t worry, I’ll have more names for him to get totally wrong.

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