Morning Conversational: Does Justin Fields Have a Stronger Arm Than Dwayne Haskins?

Justin Field Ohio State Buckeyes

Today’s Topic: Does Justin Fields Have a Stronger Arm Than Dwayne Haskins?

As evidenced by his first-round draft status a couple of weeks ago, former Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins has an “NFL arm.”

In fact, he may have the strongest arm in Buckeye history, though Cardale Jones would have something to say about that.

But maybe those two now have a challenger.

This past winter, Justin Fields arrived, and with him came some impressive arm strength.

In fact, compared to quarterbacks Chris Chugunov and Matthew Baldwin in the spring, the Buckeye receivers had to be aware of when it was Fields throwing them the ball.

“It’s different. It’s not an excuse or a reason for anything,” receivers coach Brian Hartline said. “Justin Fields’ ball is a little hotter than Matt’s, but Matt throws a good ball too. Different spin to it, different velocity. So I think naturally as receivers you kind of know who you got and be alert for a hot ball, but in the end, they all throw it really well.”

The difference between Fields’ velocity and his competitors was similar to Haskins last year competing with Baldwin and Tate Martell.

While the accuracy between Haskins and Fields still has plenty of green space separating them, Hartline saw some similarity in arm strength between the two quarterbacks.

“Yeah, it’s hot. No doubt. He’s got a quick ball too,” he said. “Again, [Haskins] was different than Tate last year and different than Matt. So it’s always different. That’s it.”

With so many repetitions in practice and players swapping in and out like the world’s most physical game of musical chairs, receivers get used to seeing footballs from different quarterbacks. They adjust on the fly and try to make the plays that are available to be made.

This also allows them to judge quarterbacks against each other.

“It’s not really an adjustment, but I’d say Justin has a stronger arm, a stronger arm than Dwayne,” said senior H-back KJ Hill. “I feel like that’s the only adjustment is catching that hot ball.”

Fields has a stronger arm than Haskins?

“Yeah, he does,” Hill said. “Bullet. It’s coming faster.”

Velocity is nice, and every quarterback would like to have more, but it’s about fourth or fifth on the list of quarterback traits that Ohio State is looking for.

If the Buckeyes can get the leadership, toughness, command of the offense, and accuracy that they’d like as well, then things might turn out just fine for the Ohio State offense this year.

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  1. Oh yes Mr. Mills you are the expert! Holy crap. Why don’t you just stop your inane asinine comments. You have no clue!!!! Who gives a shit who are the top 5 in arm strength!!! Strength doesn’t mean jack shit if the QB can’t hit an open receiver.
    Nuff said!!!

  2. Strong arm? No doubt, but, can he learn the playbook? Something that he was unable or unwilling to do at UGA.

      1. Considering where he is ranked in the top ten recruits of all time and Fromm is not then he must have been missing something. The freshman at Clemson took over for a successful QB. Why didn’t Fields?

        1. Terrelle Pryor took over as a freshman from an incumbent too, but it’s rare. Dwayne Haskins couldn’t. Cardale couldn’t. Braxton did. Troy wasn’t even really a QB as a true freshman. Not starting as a true freshman isn’t a bad sign and for some to make it out like it is is odd.

          1. From what I heard Smart just liked Fromm because he took them to the playoffs 2 years ago and he was going to be the starter no matter who was on the roster. The fact Fields didn’t start last year doesn’t necessarily mean he wasn’t good enough to be the starter.

  3. Hot, hotter, hottest…it’s all irrelevant if it’s not in the right spot at the right time with the right trajectory. Those are the ingredients when you’re judging arms.

    1. B I N G O

      I think Tony was bored when he wrote this article! LOL

    2. Terrell did not have that great of an arm. He had a shitty delivery. His biggest strength was he could run. He took over for Todd Boeckman because The Buckeyes had a shitty O line that couldn’t protect and Boeckman was not mobile. He, Boeckman, had one of the best arms at TOSU, but Tressel wanted his boy Terrell to be the QB and Pryor ended up being part of The Vest’s undoing.

  4. Stronger legs for running……..yes. Stronger passing? Please, just stop.

    Strongest arms in Buckeye history.

    1. Cardale Jones
    2. Troy Smith
    3. Mike Tomczak
    4. Dwayne Haskins
    Nothing I saw in his HS films, or at Georgia makes me think he has even a top 5 arm in Buckeye history. I guess we’ll see come the fall.

  5. Spot on article, thank you. However, if I had to place a bet, I’d take CJ’s arm any day, but we may never know.

    1. regardless of the arm strength angle, i thought haskins was maybe the most accurate college qb ive seen, and also the remarkable ability to “throw guys open” moreso than most. and make no mistake, a very strong arm. the last three traits play particularly well on sunday’s

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