Morning Conversational: Is Wyatt Davis Ready To Lead In 2019?

Ohio State Buckeyes football Wyatt Davis

Today’s Topic: Is Wyatt Davis Ready To Lead In 2019?

Wyatt Davis has been Ohio State’s starting right guard since December of last year, which means he has now been a starter for over six months.

That may not sound like a lot, but Davis has now been through over 30 practices with the ones.

Even though he has only started twice, those games were both in the postseason last year and they gave him an experience that few redshirt freshmen get to have.

Now a redshirt sophomore — and entrenched in the trenches — Davis is seeing himself become the leader his team needs.

“I’m starting to feel like a veteran, most definitely,” he said this spring. “Last year, I would probably say I felt like a young guy, but going into my third year, I feel like me and [center] Josh [Myers] and a couple of the older guys need to step up and pave the way for all of the young guys that came in. Even though we don’t have all of the game experience, I still feel like we can go out on that field and lead. And that will ultimately lead to us having a good season.”

Ohio State’s offensive line is still coming together. Davis and Myers are redshirt sophomores. Left tackle Thayer Munford is the only returning starter. Fifth-year seniors Branden Bowen, Josh Alabi, and Jonah Jackson will be somewhere, and redshirt freshman right tackle Nicholas Petit-Frere is expected to blossom eventually.

An offensive line needs to mesh and build chemistry, and they need to help each other along the way. Davis believes he can be one of those helpers.

“Even with Nick, even though I’ve never played tackle, one of the things that Coach Stud does is makes us know every single position,” he said. “So if he ever has a question about what to do on a play, I’ll be able to help him. And as far as Josh, he doesn’t even need help. This spring, he’s taken full control of that center spot. He’s been guiding and leading us with what we need to do. He’s really stepped up to the plate with that.”

Davis played in a handful of games last season as a true freshman, starting twice. But his experience goes far beyond his starts, and it is that experience which has him believing he is ready to be a leader in 2019.

“I’m ready. I feel like I’m ready,” he said. “I just have to keep on working on getting better. Working out hard this summer and leading in the summer workouts. Leading all of the young guys coming in and the new guys coming in. I think I could be ready for that role, both me and Josh.”

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  1. Poor Wyatt Davis. I can’t read his name and not giggle thinking of 1985’s “Weird Science”! Seriously, I hope the line is ready this year because this will be the ‘greenest’ OL in years.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I was wondering why I kept saying in my mind “Wyatt” and the image of that model kept coming in my head. So, thanks for the “Weird Science” info.

      1. If he’s still got the “Lisa” recipe then he and I need to become friends! XDDD

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