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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Getting Back to Playing Fast on Defense

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr break down what was said by Ryan Day and the Ohio State defensive coordinators this week. The fellas talk about Day’s message about mental health, as well as plenty of football stuff from the head coach. Defensive coordinators Jeff Hafley and Greg Mattison also spoke with the media and they both said some very interesting things about what bad defensive coaching looks like and how they plan to avoid it.

The Rundown

+ Tony doesn’t know who the coaches are.

+ Tony quizzes Tom on old-timey names again!

+ The game is now no longer fun for Tony.

+ Talking about talking to Ryan Day.

+ Justin Fields is doing everything necessary to be ready.

+ And he has more experience than most new starting quarterbacks.

+ Ryan Day has high expectations for the offensive line, just like we do.

+ There are 6-7 starters on this line.

+ Thayer Munford is good to go…or will be.

+ Ryan Day on living with expectations.

+ Ryan Day speaking out about mental health awareness for young people.

+ How old-time coaches would view a focus on mental health.

+ Mental health and drug addiction are intertwined.

+ Ryan Day can really help people with this fund.

+ Let’s talk about the defensive coordinators.

+ Greg Mattison is very high on Pete Werner — sorry Buckeye fans.

+ Evel Knievel couldn’t have even succeeded in last year’s defense.

+ Give everybody on last year’s defense a clean slate.

+ Will Cade Stover stay at linebacker?

+ Where will Craig Young start out?

+ Greg Schiano had too much time on his hands.

+ Greg Mattison went and grabbed a position to coach.

+ How about Craig Young and Zach Harrison running 10.7s at defensive end in two years?

+ Greg Mattison believes Ohio State will have an elite defense this year.

+ What would an elite defense entail?

+ Jeff Hafley loves Damon Arnette.


+ Jeff Okudah needs to get better at the line of scrimmage.

+ Shaun Wade needs to be one of the best 11, right?

+ Greg Mattison and Jeff Hafley talk about what bad defensive coaching looks like.

+ (It looks a lot like what last year looked like.)

+ Turning 4.6s into 4.8s.

+ Turning 4-5 star recruits into 2-3 star recruits.

+ This is not us retconning things.

+ We talked about this plenty last year as well.

+ We have great prizes for reviewers!

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  1. I’m a well known critic of Greg Studrawa’s ability to develop offensive lines. That said, I think this offensive line is going to be one of the very best for the last 25 years. There isn’t going to be a weak like anywhere in the 2 deep. BANK on it.

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