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Is Greg Mattison Concerned About Ohio State’s Defensive Recruiting

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Morning Conversational: Is Greg Mattison Concerned About Ohio State’s Defensive Recruiting

When the Ohio State coordinators spoke with reporters recently, one of the more popular topics was recruiting, particularly on defense.

At the time, the Buckeyes’ lone defensive commitment was Florida defensive back Lejond Cavazos. Since then, they have added Pickerington defensive lineman Ty Hamilton.

With a large batch of official visits taking place this weekend — and a scheduled commitment from Top 50 cornerback Clark Phillips — business should be picking up.

Knowing all of this — and much more — Ohio State co-defensive coordinator Greg Mattison didn’t sound too concerned about the state of the Buckeyes’ recruiting.

“Well I think any time you coach at Ohio State University and you’re recruiting great kids you have a chance of getting them, and I think our coaches have done a great job,” he said. “The thing I’m finding is everybody works together to get the players. It’s not about ‘I’m recruiting this guy and you’re recruiting that guy.’ It’s a team effort because when they get here they’re all Ohio State defensive players.

“I think right now we’re doing well. Our players, if you’re a recruit and you come around and watch our defensive players you have to be excited. I know I am. They’re young kids with great character. They love the game, and if I’m a recruit and I’m seeing that I’m liking it.”

There will be at least a half-dozen 4-star defensive prospects on campus this weekend for official visits. This is the second year that spring official visits have been allowed, which permits schools to fund the trips of players who are on the verge of making their decisions.

Count Mattison as a fan of the early official visits.

“Oh yeah. I like it a lot,” he said. “It takes your time, but any time a place like this — Mickey Marotti our strength coach is the best in the country — if you’re a recruit and you get a chance to come in the summer and see why so many players have done so well and how so many players have improved themselves and gone on to the NFL, you watch it first hand. That’s a great advantage. You don’t always get to do that.”

Mattison is not concerned about the low numbers of defensive players right now because when he looks at the entire picture, he’s not looking at the calendar, he’s looking at everything that Ohio State has to offer.

“I’ve gotta go by if I’m a recruit and what I see,” he said. “Don’t worry about it. It’s gonna be fine.”

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  1. Too early to be worried about numbers. We have had no trouble getting top talent for offensive positions. When we go to fill defensive needs, plenty of time and good reason to expect more of the same.

    I do wonder, though, if we are approaching a time (and I don’t think we are there yet) when recruits start to seriously doubt that Mattison and LJ can/will be there for them much longer. They are both close to 70.

    I trust Mattison’s skills as a coach, as well as Al Washington. But I was really hoping we would have taken Marcus Freeman from Fickell’s staff at UC.

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