The-Ozone Rewind: OSU Pounds Washington State, QB Jason Gesser Unimpressed, 2002

[Editor’s Note: From now until Big Ten Media Days, we’ll be reaching into The-Ozone’s 23 years worth of archives and each day we will be posting a story from yesteryear. Big moments, small moments, big games, bigger games, and the random recruiting updates about guys you haven’t thought about in a decade or two.]

September 14, 2002 | This is so good. The Washington State game of 2002 holds a special place in many Buckeye fans’ Scarlet and Gray hearts. This was the game where Maurice Clarett ran for over 200 yards. It was the game where Wazzu head coach Mike Price said afterward — seriously — that the Cougars won the first half. It was also the game where the Buckeye defense put a hurtin’ on another Heisman candidate quarterback. Jason Gesser came in with accolades and production, and a whole bunch of confidence. After the game, there were no accolades and not much production, but there was still plenty of confidence, albeit very misplaced. It’s an interesting look back, written by John Porentas, and gives us a not-so-subtle glimpse at how the rest of the nation viewed Big Ten football back then. Certainly the Miami Hurricanes held some similar beliefs. — TG

Gesser Classy Player on the Field, Not So Classy in the Locker Room
By John Porentas

Throughout the OSU vs. Washington State football game Cougar quarterback Jason Gesser proved he is a quality quarterback with skills making him worthy of the national attention he has garnered. Gesser made plays, completed passes, and took hits. Following the game, he proved he is a bit of a crybaby.

Gesser used his post-game interview to carp about everything from the officiating to the crowd. First, the officials.

“I really don’t want to get into what I thought about today’s refs,” began Gesser, then immediately did so.

“I started talking trash to the ref because he was talking trash to me,” said Gesser.

“I wasn’t even worried about Ohio State. I was worried about him. They’ve never seen passing offenses before,” Gesser said.

Then in what Gesser apparently thought was a slap at the officials, he whacked all of Midwest football.

“They’ve never seen how to throw the ball downfield and really had no idea I think of how to call those plays. They don’t know. They’ve never experienced that,” said Gesser.

Jason, baby. Drew Brees. Purdue. San Diego Chargers. We’ve seen passing. So have the officials. Get over it.

Gesser even tried to somehow blame the officials for the big hit he took at the hands OSU defensive lineman Darrion Scott in the second half.

“That one I heard about four or five whistles before the play even started,” said Gesser. “I thought the play was dead. I was just kind of moving away. I wasn’t trying to do anything, then I got smacked. I was surprised they gave me a sack on that.”

Say what? Gesser has to be the only one who heard those whistles. It looked like everyone else was still playing when Scott buried him in the Ohio Stadium turf. Gesser’s comments continued to go downhill when he attempted to minimize OSU’s role in his team’s defeat.

“It’s frustrating. We should have won this game and we didn’t. That’s real frustrating when you know you should win a game and you don’t win the game. If they had come out and just kicked our butts up and down the field it would have been better. We would said ‘Hey, they’re a better team than us. They kicked our butts.’ But we went out there and stopped ourselves a bunch of times,” Gesser said.

O-Zone to Jason. Take a note, buddy. One team stopped itself, the other didn’t. That’s called one team playing better than the other. That’s why your team scored seven and the other guys 25.

Gesser may have hit a low when he starting taking pride in “silencing” the big OSU crowd.

“You always like it when you’re in a big place like this and the crowd is real loud and you can make them real quiet. When you can make that many people quiet by the way you play it’s amazing. I love that stuff. I love having big crowds yelling and screaming and going against you and all of a sudden making them quiet when you want to. That’s what football is meant for and that’s the way to play. It was real good fun today playing in front of what was it today, 105,000 or something?” he said.

Jason, we gotta tell you something. There was a bit of silence in the first half, no doubt about it, but in the second half, Ohio Stadium was rocking. Sometimes it was when you threw interceptions, sometimes it was when Maurice Clarett ran roughshod over your defense, and sometimes it was when your passing game (you know, the one nobody in the Midwest has ever seen before) managed just 108 total yards in the second half.

Jason Gesser didn’t disappoint on the field. In the locker room after the game, however, he left a little bit to be desired.

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  1. Unfortunately for Gesser, this was the high point in his life. According to Wiki, he spent one season as the 4th string QB for the Titans, played a little in CFL and AFL (backing up Joe Germaine) and then had a mediocre coaching career ended by multiple allegations of sexual assault.

    He turns 40 this year and his career is pretty much over.
    I hope he finds happiness doing something. I feel bad for him.

  2. Hmm…haven’t heard much from “MR” Gesser lately…I guess he must be snuggled up with another co-ed up there in Never-Never Land.

  3. Gessar was and will always be just a little whiny punk.

    The thing is…….Ohio State didn’t give a crap about his skirt wearing band of of would be circus clown receivers. The Buckeye defense just beat the snot out of them, and mauled them like a rabid pitbull on defenseless victim in the second half.

    Like a told a Wazzu player……….go back to your left coast and change your panties, you’ve soiled them in front of 105,000 people and it’s showing through your tutu.

    1. Someone should have pointed out to Gessar that he threw for a pedestrian sub 57% and a net total of “4” yards per pass, and that slow plodding Mid-West slug 363 – 280 net offensive yards. His team was fortunate to have played in the little league of the left coast. They would have finished as bottom feeders in the Big 10. Hell, they have finished as bottom feeders in the Little Least. Hell, Cincinnati would have beaten those clowns and Kent State would have pushed them to the wire.

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