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Buckeye Weekly — Ohio State Fall Camp Preview

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr preview the opening of fall camp for the Buckeyes. They take a look at each position and the questions that need to be answered during camp. They also talk running back recruiting and also answer a litany of listener questions. All of this and much, much more.

The Rundown

+ Jaylan Knighton has committed to Florida State.

+ Bijan Robinson may be headed elsewhere now too.

+ What the hell is going on?

+ Why can’t Ohio State land 5-star RBs?

+ Where does OSU turn for RBs now?

+ DeaMonte Trayanum happy with ASU?

+ EJ Smith might be the top option now.

+ Maybe there is already a current commit who could fit the bill.

+ Cameron Martinez is dynamic with the ball, maybe he can be an “all-purpose back.”

+ He’s an option quarterback who has no problems running between the tackles.

+ Watch his highlights and tell yourself that he can’t work in OSU’s offense.

+ There are other options in-state as well.

+ The latest on Michael Drennen.

+ It is possible to make the Ohio kids mad.

+ Ohio State football camp opens on Friday!

+ Let’s do a position-by-position preview.

+ Are there really any question marks at quarterback during camp?

+ Please don’t compare Justin Fields’ accuracy to Dwayne Haskins because it’s just not fair.

+ Maybe go back and compare him to anybody else instead.

+ Justin Fields as Carl Lewis.

+ We’re looking forward to seeing the competition to be JK’s backup.

+ Let’s see Demario McCall on the field.

+ There’s a pretty big dropoff between being number two and number three.

+ How many RBs would the Big Ten take ahead of OSU’s top three running backs?

+ There are veteran losses at WR, but more vets return.

+ Is speed a concern at wide receiver this year?

+ The deep ball may be more effective this year because of the improved running game and the scrambling of Justin Fields.

+ Throw the stopwatch away when it comes to Garrett Wilson. We don’t care.

+ This is the year for the Buckeye tight ends.

+ Jeremy Ruckert will play a bunch.

+ Nicholas Petit-Frere is the biggest question mark on the offensive line.

+ The battle at left guard will be a fun one to watch.

+ Is it odd that we are so sure that Josh Myers will be fine at center?

+ This is a deep group of defensive ends, but is there more than one elite guy?

+ Would it be surprising if Jonathon Cooper worked himself into a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round pick this year?

+ It’s a young group, but very talented and deep. They might just be a year away?

+ Impressive that Tommy Togiai took snaps from Landers and Hamilton last year.

+ The good news is that this group of young DTs will get older during camp.

+ Can Landers and Jashon Cornell hold up as smaller DTs?

+ They are quick and will stay fresh.

+ We have no more words to give on the linebackers.

+ Please refer to any of our previous shows since January to hear linebacker talk.

+ Literally any other show we’ve done.

+ Apologies if this is your first time listening to the show and want a linebacker discussion, but we just can’t.

+ The good news is we can talk about it on Friday with new information…maybe.

+ For sanity, let us watch the linebackers just a little bit.

+ Can a young cornerback make a move in camp?

+ There are questions, but we kind of think we know what the starters are going to look like.

+ Listener questions.

+ Will Ryan Day have an “Over the Top” hat-turn move like Urban Meyer did when it was time to get serious?

+ Maybe Ryan Day borrows from “Footloose.”

+ Is there any concern that OSU could get pass-happy under Ryan Day and negatively impact running back recruiting?

+ Tony’s recruiting strategy that was successful on Playstation and is probably being used by Ryan Day right now.

+ Over/under 100 rushing attempts for Justin Fields.

+ Over/under 45 catches for Binjimen Victor.

+ Over/under 14 sacks for Chase Young.

+ Over/under 15 interceptions for the Buckeyes.

+ Over/under 21 4th down attempts this season.

+ Ryan Day is a young head coach, and it’s the younger guys who understand the need to be aggressive.

+ Over/under 0.5 B1G COY awards for Ryan Day.

+ What will Liam McCullough do with his check-in shirts?

+ Will younger brother Roen follow in the t-shirt footsteps?

+ Are they the Bosas of photoshirts?

+ Roen McCullough sure seems like the kind of guy who would pick up the torch of entertainment.

+ Who is Guf Corland?

+ Which defensive starter will be the scapegoat this year?

+ Tony is rooting for Tuf Borland just to get Buckeye fans off of his back.

+ Damon Arnette is going to give up a completion this year, which is okay.

+ Who would be the best defensive player to fill in as a running back since Day won’t be signing any running backs in the 2020 class.

+ Any time we can get Zach Harrison involved somewhere, let’s do it.

+ Thanks for listening.

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[Buckeye Weekly is an Ohio State podcast that covers Ohio State football, Ohio State recruiting, and Ohio State basketball.]

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