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Buckeye Weekly — Tale of the Tape: Ohio State vs. Michigan 2019

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr go position-by-position with a tale of the tape comparison between Ohio State and consensus Big Ten favorite Michigan heading into the 2019 season. Where do the Buckeyes have positional advantages over the heavily favored Wolverines? Do they even have any advantages? The fellas dive deep this week.

The Rundown

+ It’s a position-by-position tale of the tape between Ohio State and CONSENSUS BIG TEN FAVORITES Michigan.

+ One person asked for it, so everyone’s getting it.

+ Let’s start at quarterback.

+ Shea Patterson has been starting forever and the Michigan depth is better, but…

+ There are plenty of questions on the Ohio State side of the ledger.

+ At running back, Ohio State is missing some of the elements that Michigan will be relying on this season.

+ (And that’s a good thing.)

+ What is the best case scenario for the Wolverine running backs?

+ Where would Michigan’s starter be on Ohio State’s depth chart?

+ The receivers are where things get pretty interesting.

+ One team runs away with the depth.

+ One team has more question marks.

+ Which receiver is most likely to put up 1,000 yards receiving this year?

+ If Ohio State has better tight ends than Michigan, but nobody sees them, are they actually better?

+ The Buckeyes are going to be very good on the offensive line this year, but how do they compare to Michigan?

+ Ohio State could be starting three former 5-star prospects on the offensive line.

+ Let’s move to defensive line.

+ Michigan fans, avert your ears.

+ This year’s Wolverine defensive line didn’t do much last year.

+ The defensive line is why Michigan won’t be making the playoffs.

+ Where is the depth?

+ Can Michigan withstand the late-season fade up front?

+ Where does Josh Uche fit in?

+ Let’s talk linebackers.

+ Vipers are Bullets, Bullets are Vipers.

+ Last year, Michigan fans didn’t like their possible starting linebackers this year.

+ Losing Devin Bush is big, obviously.

+ Ohio State has the edge here in production and experience, but there were still issues last year.

+ How many Buckeye backup linebackers would start at Michigan?

+ What about cornerbacks?

+ Ohio State returns two starters, Michigan returns one.

+ Recruiting in the secondary between OSU and Michigan have been on very different planes of late, save for Daxton Hill.

+ When you don’t have room for Shaun Wade at cornerback, you’re probably pretty good there.

+ Michigan is only replacing one safety, but do get to replace Brandon Watson at nickel.

+ If the Wolverines have to rely on Daxton Hill as a last line of defense, that’s not good.

+ Are there too many 3-stars in the back end to contend annually?

+ Ohio State’s potential here with a proven Jordan Fuller and intriguing Shaun Wade is tough to beat.

+ Tom busts out some numbers about the vast difference between Ohio State and Michigan when it comes to recruiting.

+ The Blue Chip Ratio.

+ Drue Chrisman had a much better year than Will Hart last year.

+ What about the rest of the special teams?

+ How do we do a tale of the tape when it comes to coaching?

+ For those scoring at home…

+ Breaking down the results.

+ Are you sure you want to put your name to this?

+ The venue where the game is played can cover up a lot of errors.

+ We should revisit this show in November.

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