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Michigan Given Better Odds To Make Playoff Than Buckeyes

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Think Ohio State has the best chance to make the 2019 College Football Playoff? This is your chance to put your money where your mouth (or keyboard) is.

The sports book at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas, SuperBook, just released its odds for more than 70 teams to make this year’s college football final four.

Ohio State was given 3/1 odds, meaning you would win $3 for every $1 you bet (minus the vig, of course).

Those are pretty good odds, putting OSU ahead of schools like Oklahoma, Texas, LSU, and Notre Dame.

The Buckeyes are behind only a handful of perennial college football powers like Alabama and Clemson. The Crimson Tide and Tigers both have 1/6 odds, meaning you would have to put down $6 today for a chance to win $1 in December. Georgia is an even-money bet, so you would win $1 for every $1 you bet.

But there is another team given better odds to make the field than OSU: the Michigan Wolverines.

Jim Harbaugh’s program is a 9/4 bet. If it’s been a while since you’ve had to think about fractions, that means you would have to put down an extra dollar ($4 instead of $3) to win the same amount of money as a bet on the Buckeyes.

Many OSU fans will likely blanch at that, and numbers like 62-39 and 16-2 may come up early in their responses.

Michigan does have a returning starter at quarterback and get the Buckeyes at home, where they’ve managed to win The Game in one of their last seven tries. So that’s something.

On the OSU side, there is still a good bit of uncertainty nationally about new head coach Ryan Day and largely-unproven starting quarterback Justin Fields. The Buckeyes also have to replace four starters along the offensive line, three top wide receivers, and the defense is still something of an unknown. So there is an explanation, whether Ohio State fans like it or not.

Other Big Ten teams on the list include Nebraska at 6/1, which are better odds than teams like Florida, Auburn, or Oregon.

Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Penn State are 20/1. Iowa is 40/1, Purdue is 60/1, Minnesota is 100/1, and Northwestern is 200/1.

If you want a real underdog, you can lay your money on Indiana or Maryland (1000/1). And if you just hate money, Illinois and Rutgers are 2000/1 bets.

You can find the full odds sheet below. Just click on the photo to see it in its entirety.

11 Responses

  1. Over the past 19 years, it seems we do best when pundit expectations are low.
    I like our chances.

  2. All I know is somebody is going to win it and if I had to bet my life I’ll take the Buckeyes. If I had to bet James Mills or Longtime Fans life, I’ll take Illinois.

    1. You took your dislike for someone too far.

  3. Harbaugh talks the talk, but can’t walk the walk. The Buckeyes beat Xichigan
    and make the playoffs.

  4. Weren’t the varmints favored last year. Weren’t they ranked number 4, and mostly based on their “wannabe” dominant defense (cough cough). Seems to me they lost more than half of that clown show defense and they’re still addled by an atrocious offense.

    Ryan Day and Kevin Wilson ran the offense last year. They did a pretty good job.
    Now for the defense. Do these “prognosticators” who predicted a varmint win last year think that somehow the Buckeyes wind up with a worse defense than they fielded last year? OH WAIT…….our meeting will be in the largest mausoleum in the world. A stadium with less intimidation than the average HS stadium where the entire population lives for basketball, and wouldn’t have a clue about the difference being holding or sloppy petting in a zoo.

    It’s never a smart idea to poke a bear. Especially one with a talent advantage and a MASSIVE coaching advantage.

    I’m going to make a prediction. Hairball gets fired following 2019.

  5. I seem to remember last year – “with Xichigans returning players and all their experience – it’s this year or bust”. 62-39.

  6. Yea, they’ve been saying that for the last few years! Has Michigan made it there? Maybe one time I think. Maybe the year when the Buckeyes were suspended for NCAA violations making them ineligible, but not sure about that either.

  7. I don’t know of any other elite program that has as many players as Ohio State leaving between their sophomore a d srnior year. In my opinion it is difficult to compete with Clemson, Alabama, etc., and sustain a comparable football program when student-athletes jump ship at the first opportunity in the NFL.

    1. Year in and year out Alabama puts just as many if not more people into the pros and Clemson is quickly catching up.

  8. Basically, all this prognosticating is worth the toilet paper it’s written on. If I were being paid to make a prediction, I’d probably join the crowd – Ohio State has a new head coach, new quarterback, and a bunch of new assistants. If Urban Meyer were back, along with Dwayne Haskins, picking OSU for No. 1 would be a no-brainer. But in preseason guesswork, the known always trumps the unknown.
    That said, hopefully once the season gets rolling, the unknown new head coach Ryan Day and the untested new quarterback will prove to be as good as advertised, and all this speculation will be for naught. GO BUCKS!

    1. All I know is somebody is going to win it and if I had to bet my life I’ll take the Buckeyes. If I had to bet James Mills or Longtime Fans life, I’ll take Illinois.

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