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Buckeye Weekly — The Not-So-Dog Days of Ohio State Football

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss Ohio State’s football commits over the past week. They look at the loaded 2021 Ohio class as well. Listener questions are also involved, including a discussion about the most rewatchable games of the Jim Tressel era. All of this and much, much more.

The Rundown

+ Going over the Ben Christman commitment.

+ The 2021 class is already on fire.

+ Thanks in large part to the Great State of Ohio.

+ Is Marquael Parks OSU’s 2021 Rondale Moore?

+ Could OSU sign a 5-7 guy who is 150 pounds whose name isn’t Chic Harley.

+ The commitment of Cody Simon is discussed.

+ Fast, “next-generation” linebacker that we have seen for years.

+ This is how you combat spread offenses.

+ Is this an eventual correction of last year’s linebackers on the field?

+ Is Mitchell Melton a linebacker or a rush end?

+ Is OSU moving to a hybrid on the edge now as well?

+ Darrion Henry’s commitment is discussed.

+ He’s important for a number of reasons.

+ Darrion Henry can play end or tackle.

+ Similar to former Cincinnati Buckeye Adolphus Washington?

+ Josh Fryar has a “big announcement” for July 4th and it better actually be big.

+ We can’t keep up.

+ This recruiting class is a testament to Ryan Day and Urban Meyer’s infrastructure.

+ There is still plenty more to come.

+ Also credit the players who are actively recruiting as well.

+ Ohio State recruiting is putting distance between the Buckeyes and everybody else in the Big Ten East.

+ Listener questions.

+ What are the most rewatchable Buckeye games of the Jim Tressel Era?

+ Would Todd Boeckman have been benched with a decent USC game?

+ What’s the best way for a college football program to get away with PED usage or pay-for-play scandals?

+ What if Ohio State had PED suspensions? Would it be news?

+ Tom takes offense!

+ It is curious what media chooses to mediate.

+ Penn State beating OSU in 2016 was a bad thing for PSU because it made people think James Franklin was a good coach.

+ Let’s talk about James Franklin for a minute.

+ The head breakfast jokes were banished way too soon.

+ Don’t panic about running back recruiting.

+ Tony quotes a famous philosopher to describe the problems going on at Penn State.

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[Buckeye Weekly is an Ohio State podcast that covers Ohio State football, Ohio State recruiting, and Ohio State basketball.]

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  1. still hard to me not to fume whenever i see tress’ name in print-and not for the raw deal he got with tatoo-gate, and certainly not for the class act he was, but for the inexcusable come-from-ahead blown game vs TX in Columbus, where Tress completely blew that game with insanely conservative (stupid) playcalling after the key 4th Q interception, when up 6. unbelievable blown game! (and may as well put the brain-dead play by Wylie (?) at the end of the TX Fiesta Bowl game horrid loss, when he mindlessly ran in a dive play with about a min to go for a TD, leaving McCoy a min left to do his magic. you go down on the 2 ( AS THE COACHES SHOULD HAVE DRILLED BEFOREHAND!!!), let the clock run, and kick an extra point fg for the win…as you see in the nfl every week! Tress’ game management with Tressleball was mind-numbing, and baffling. fine vs low and middle rung teams, but against elite, you have to play to WIN games, and not wait for them to give you the game.

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