Ohio State Football Jersey Numbers For Freshmen, Transfers

Garrett Wilson and Jaelen Gill Ohio State Football Buckeyes

College football season is getting just a little bit closer every day with the arrival of new preseason milestones.

Next week, a handful of Buckeyes will head to Chicago for Big Ten Media Days. But before that trip, the team is finalizing its 2019 roster.

The roster on the official website was just updated, which means there are new Ohio State football jersey numbers for some of the new arrivals, as well as a few familiar faces with new digits this year.

The new players who were here for spring ball already had their numbers. So you probably already know that Justin Fields is in No. 1, Garrett Wilson is wearing No. 5, Zach Harrison is in 33, and so on.

But between transfers and summer enrollee freshmen, there are 15 new Buckeyes getting their first number, and at least four returning players sporting a different one this fall.

In numerical order:

Freshman WR Jameson Williams: No. 6

Redshirt freshman WR Kamryn Babb: No. 7 (he wore 17 last season)

Redshirt freshman DE Javontae Jean-Baptiste: No. 8 (he was 38 in 2018)

Redshirt junior QB Gunnar Hoak: No. 12 (transfer from Kentucky)

Freshman LB Cade Stover: No. 16

Redshirt freshman QB Jagger LaRoe: No. 16 (transfer from Texas A&M)

Sophomore WR Chris Olave: No. 17 (he wore several numbers last year)

Freshman walk-on QB J.P. Andrade: No. 18

Freshman RB Steele Chambers: No. 22 (previously retired and worn by 1944 Heisman winner Les Horvath)

Freshman LB Craig Young: No. 37

Freshman SAF Bryson Shaw: No. 38

Freshman LB Tommy Eichenberg: No. 41

Graduate DT Antwuan Jackson: No. 52 (he was 90 last year)

Redshirt freshman OL Matthew Jones: No. 55 (he was 54 last year)

Freshman OL Enokk Vimahi: No. 66

Senior OL Jonah Jackson: No. 73 (transfer from Rutgers)

Freshman OL Harry Miller: No. 77

Redshirt freshman OL Nicholas Petit-Frere: No. 78 (he was 77 last year)

Freshman OL Dawand Jones: No. 79

Freshman TE Cormontae Hamilton: No. 83

Freshman DT Jaden McKenzie: No. 90

Freshman P Michael O’Shaughnessy: No. 96

The new players who were already issued their numbers during spring practice:

Sophomore QB Justin Fields: No. 1 (transfer from Georgia)

Freshman WR Garrett Wilson: No. 5

Freshman RB Marcus Crowley: No. 23

Freshman SAF Ronnie Hickman: No. 28

Freshman DE Zach Harrison: No. 33

Freshman OL Ryan Jacoby: No. 68

Freshman DE Noah Potter: No. 97

None of these numbers are written in stone, of course. Players will often switch numbers during fall camp, during the course of the season, and sometimes even during a game – usually to prevent having a duplicate number on special teams purposes.

And this news isn’t quite as exciting as it was when there was an NCAA Football game to populate with the new names and numbers.

But it’s another indication that football season really is getting closer, and that’s pretty exciting all by itself.

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  1. Do any of you know why we allow players to wear “retired” jersey numbers? Doesn’t that defeat the point of retiring a very select few players in history? And I don’t want to hear that there aren’t enough numbers to go around, because several players share numbers, and we’ve only retired a handful…

    1. Troy Smith was the first to have his number “honored” but not retired. OSU is no longer retiring numbers, but they didn’t really talk much about bringing back the numbers that have been retired — though Justin Hilliard is still wearing the 47 that was honored for Chic Harley. If they’re not going to retire any more numbers, then why have any numbers retired. As long as 75 is still being worn, all numbers should be worn imo.

    1. If Noah Potter will be better than Nick and Joey Bosa, he will be a top 5 pick in the NFL.

  2. Do any of you know why we allow players to wear “retired” numbers? Doesn’t that defeat the point of retiring it? And I don’t want to hear that there aren’t enough numbers to go around, because there are several people wearing the same numbers.

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