Ohio State Running Back Steele Chambers Loses Black Stripe

Ohio State football Steele Chambers

For the fifth time this week and the second time on Thursday, a member of Ohio State’s 2019 recruiting class has turned his black stripe to red.

This time, it’s running back Steele Chambers. He is now the ninth true freshman to lose his black stripe this year.

The tradition signifies a new player having done enough on and off the field to earn an official spot on the OSU football team.

Previously, wide receiver Garrett Wilson, defensive end Zach Harrison, wide receiver Jameson Williams, offensive linemen Harry Miller and Ryan Jacoby, running back Marcus Crowley, linebacker Cade Stover, and safety Bryson Shaw lost their black stripes.

Stover, Shaw, Miller, Williams, and Chambers are the freshmen who enrolled this summer who have already lost their stripes.

Chambers is part of a four-man race for the backup running back job. Demario McCall and Master Teague are the two returning players in the mix for the second spot behind J.K. Dobbins.

True freshman Marcus Crowley, who just lost his stripe three days ago, is the other player in consideration for the position.

Wednesday, Ryan Day broke down the race for that job. Teague has been hampered by injury during fall camp, but Day said the race between McCall and the two freshmen would come down to one thing.

“You’ve got Demario and you’ve got the two young guys but the biggest thing is going to be ball security in the end; who do we trust? We give the ball to him,” Day said.

You can watch the video announcing Chambers’ black stripe removal below.

Black Stripe Chart

LB Logan Hittle – March 21

LB Cade Kacherski – March 21

LB Ben Schmiesing – March 21

DB Darryl Sinclair — March 25

QB Justin Fields — March 25

RT Max Wray — April 1

SAF Ryan Batsch — April 1

WR Austin Kutscher — April 8

WR Garrett Wilson — April 8

DE Zach Harrison — April 12

OL Jonah Jackson — August 6

OL Harry Miller — August 8

WR Jameson Williams — August 8

OL Ryan Jacoby — August 12

RB Marcus Crowley — August 12

LB Cade Stover — August 13

SAF Bryson Shaw — August 15

RB Steele Chambers — August 15