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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Is the Ohio State Depth Chart Taking Shape?

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr discuss the Ohio State depth chart as it might currently stand after the fourth practice of fall camp. They also talk about the strides that Justin Fields has made in the offense and as a leader. Listener questions are answered, and much, much more is discussed.

The Rundown

+ We are live from the WHAC.

+ Tony doesn’t know how songs work.

+ It was a lovely morning for practice.

+ The stretching was elite.

+ Pieces of parts of trends are starting to pop up.

+ We finally saw the offensive line repping as a unit.

+ Let’s go through the current two-deep at offensive line as we saw it on Tuesday.

+ Branden Bowen is at right tackle.

+ The right tackle battle will be one to watch.

+ Harry Miller at center is different than other freshmen.

+ In fact, he wasn’t with the freshmen at all.

+ This is still a very preliminary depth chart, but Harry Miller hasn’t been here that long and he’s already the No. 2 center.

+ Ryan Day is trying to hold the hype down on Miller.

+ But does that mean Harry Miller would be the guy who plays center if Josh Myers went down?

+ Probably not.

+ Harry Miller is beyond your typical college freshman.

+ He was the talk of spring and wasn’t even here!

+ They won’t be able to keep Josh Myers and Harry Miller at center.

+ Miller at left guard in 2020?

+ We have time next year to talk about 2020, so let’s just chill a bit.

+ Justin Fields was repping first among the quarterbacks and Gunnar Hoak was third behind Chris Chugunov.

+ Until Gunnar Hoak loses the black stripe, this isn’t a quarterback competition.

+ Urban Meyer walked by and Tom missed it because he was busy talking on a podcast.

+ Meyer as old dad and Ryan Day as new dad.

+ Tom breaks down why making judgments during our practice windows is dangerous.

+ Josh Proctor gets his name called again.

+ Not starting until your third season is not that usual, just look at Malik Hooker.

+ Check-in Day!

+ Who impressed us most on check-in day?

+ Justin Fields left his bag on the bus.

+ Red flag for a starting quarterback?

+ Tony used to do a similar thing, which is why he knows it’s a concern.

+ Was this a cry for help from Justin Fields?

+ It would be reckless to say anything other than yes.

+ Luggage remembering is behind toughness and arm strength.

+ The best shirts of check-in day.

+ Kevin Woidke ripping on KJ Hill as proof of something Ryan Day said earlier in the day.

+ Liam McCullough’s Inception shirt.

+ Roen has something planned for 2020.

+ Check-in day is a bizarre and fascinating thing.

+ Does this happen anywhere else?

+ Drue Chrisman could turn pro early.

+ An update on walk-on quarterback JP Andrade.

+ Jagger LaRoe’s questionable attire.

+ It was like the inside of a jacket.

+ It was like the inside of a couch?

+ Listener questions.

+ Are the Buckeyes going under center this year?

+ Yes.

+ Tony explains what a quarterback sneak is.

+ Which is more likely: Teradja Mitchell starts at middle linebacker or Garrett Wilson starts at wide receiver?

+ The better question is who gets more snaps between Mitchell and Wilson.

+ Any talk of moving Baron Browning to Sam to get his athleticism on the field?

+ Browning was athletic last season and the production wasn’t there.

+ Browning does have to move, but Mike and Will are interchangeable.

+ Tom keeps waiting for Browning to seize a job.

+ But Browning’s only position coach has been Bill Davis, so we have to remember that.

+ Is there still a worry that the Buckeyes won’t be able to run the ball since the same coaches are around?

+ Cubs.

+ Can Jahsen Wint realistically crack the starting lineup?

+ Will there be a time when offensive linemen rotate like defensive linemen?

+ Is this team deep enough to roll out two offensive lines in the first half of a game like Jim Tressel used to do?

+ Enokk Vimahi has put on 36 pounds since June.

+ You can’t keep putting on the Freshman 15 every month.

+ A freaking tractor has entered the building.

+ This is a new low.

+ They are brushing the field now.

+ Will Ryan Day be as tied to seniority as Urban Meyer was?

+ Maybe guys are playing right on time, like Tua?

+ Will Ohio State go after Brenton Cox.

+ Is anybody missing or hurt?

+ The need for a gunner on punts is as important as finding a starting X receiver.

+ Demario McCall needs to win the backup job before Day starting worrying about ways to get him the ball.

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