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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Ryan Day Ready for Battle

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr talk about the latest news on the Ohio State depth chart. They also discuss Ryan Day’s concerns heading into the game against Florida Atlantic. Tuesday saw interview sessions with Day, coordinators Jeff Hafley and Kevin Wilson, and players Tuf Borland, Robert Landers, and Branden Bowen. They discuss what everyone had to say as the Buckeyes head toward Saturday.

The Rundown

+ We are coming to you live after a lively two hours with the Buckeyes.

+ Branden Bowen is your starting right tackle.

+ He found out when Ryan Day told the media.

+ Bowen almost had to break down and cry.

+ That was maybe the biggest piece of news of the day.

+ Ohio State will now release the depth chart on Fridays.

+ Injury talk is over.

+ BB Landers talked about Jonathon Cooper being out.

+ Javontae Jean-Baptiste was mentioned first by Ryan Day in terms of replacing Cooper.

+ What does that mean?

+ Zach Harrison will play.

+ Larry Johnson listens to the show.

+ Ryan Day’s three areas of focus are blocking, tackling, and protecting the football.

+ They have worked on tackling even when they weren’t in pads.

+ Ryan Day’s biggest concerns are what?

+ How have the Buckeyes done easing those concerns?

+ “We’ll see on Saturday.”

+ Tom goes over the starting offensive line.

+ Goose.

+ What Gavin Cupp brings to the team.

+ Branden Bowen surprised to like Jonah Jackson so much right away.

+ You could make a movie about Branden Bowen’s life.

+ Tuf Borland happy to have an energetic position coach.

+ A bunch of linebackers are going to play.

+ How important is Jeff Hafley’s ability to make the proper calls.

+ You gotta let your players play.

+ Defense needs to run fast, run hard, and tackle.

+ There isn’t great film to scout Florida Atlantic’s defense.

+ Teams always alter what they do against OSU early in the season.

+ The Buckeyes have an advantage here for a change.

+ Jeff Hafley is great.

+ He’s a college guy.

+ Hafley is concerned about tackling based on his time in the NFL.

+ The quarterback depth chart.

+ You can only protect Justin Fields so much.

+ Jeff Okudah taking the step towards greatness.

+ Ryan Day sure seems excited about this defense.

+ Which players are we rooting for this year?

+ Who will be blitzing from the secondary?

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