Buckeye Football Freshman Focus 2019 — OL Harry Miller

Harry Miller Ohio State Buckeyes Center

Harry Miller came to Ohio State from Buford High School in Buford, Georgia, where he was a 5-star offensive line prospect and the No. 2 center in the nation per the 247Sports Composite.

He signed with Ohio State over offers from premier programs all over the nation, including Clemson, Georgia, LSU, Notre Dame, and Michigan.

When he wasn’t making mission trips to Nicaragua, he was usually paving the way for running backs or protecting the blind side of his quarterback.

Miller played left tackle at Buford, but will play on the interior for the Buckeyes. In fact, he is already with the twos at center in camp for the Buckeyes.

What To Like

You’ll see plenty to like in the clips below, but he didn’t jump into the two-deep in one week because of his blocking. He got there because of his understanding of the offense and his role in it.

He studied the offense and his position group long before he got to Ohio State and he has blown away his teammates and coaches with how well he is making calls and checks at the offensive line. People are saying they are seeing things from Miller that they have never seen from a true freshman before.

But then there is also stuff like this.

At his left tackle spot, Miller was still able to be a lead blocker while pulling, or could simply collapse the entire line.

Wherever he went, however, it was best to not let him get his hands on you, be it the first level or the second. And sometimes he’d get his hands on the guys at the first level and take them into the second level.

When watching him as a pass blocker, you can see how his awareness and feet will fit in at center where he will sometimes have to wait for a pass rusher to emerge.

The Potential

When the position coach and his teammates tell you they have seen things from Harry Miller that they have never seen before, that’s significant and should give you a pretty good idea of his potential.

Miller is smart, strong, and athletic, and the athleticism is a must for a center.

He uses all of these tools in order to get into the second level or finish off combo blocks or pull with tremendous effectiveness.

In terms of potential for interior linemen, it has been a while since the Buckeyes have signed a player as promising as Harry Miller.

The Expectations

Harry Miller will eventually be the starting center at Ohio State, but it may be a while before that happens. Josh Myers is the starter, and as a redshirt sophomore, there is only one year of eligibility separating the two players.

As long as Myers is as good as expected, it seems unlikely that Miller will start at center while Myers is still on the roster.

There will still be a role for Miller sooner rather than later. There will be a left guard job open in 2020 and Miller might be the favorite to land that job at this point.

The Bottom Line

To this point, Harry Miller has exceeded expectations, which says a lot for the former 5-star offensive line prospect.

On a lesser offensive line, Miller could even be in line for a starting job this season. Instead, he will likely be a backup and get decent playing time in possibly every game this season.

Based on how much he learned from an iPad in the spring, his growth now that he is actually on the team should be impressive to watch.

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