Ohio State Postgame: Updates from Ryan Day, Justin Fields Following Win Over FAU

Ryan Day Ohio State Buckeyes

COLUMBUS — Following Ohio State’s 45-21 win over Florida Atlantic on Saturday, Buckeyes’ head coach Ryan Day met with reporters to talk about his team’s win. It wasn’t a perfect effort by the OSU offense or defense, but it did give the coaches and players plenty to focus on over the next week with Cincinnati on the horizon. Here are the highlights of what Day had to say.

Justin Fields

+ Asked about his comfort level, he said he felt good early on and his teammates helped him out a lot. He got his mind right.

+ “I think I did pretty good overall, but there is room to improve.”

+ It was great playing in the Shoe. There wasn’t anything that surprised him from FAU. They did give OSU some crazy looks.

+ It was his first time getting hit in a while, and he took a pretty good shot early.

+ The game slows down when you know more stuff and are able to anticipate.

+ They’ve been working on the under center looks in the offseason and it was successful today. Luke Farrell was the first read on his short TD pass to Jeremy Ruckert.

+ He was a little surprised at how easy his 51-yard touchdown run was.

+ What does he need to work on? All aspects of his game can get better. Time to get back in the film room and fix the mistakes.

+ Most of the reads were gives.

+ “We jumped on them early” but they have to keep after the defense and keep attacking.

+ It wasn’t a surprise to see the tight ends playing a big part in the passing game.

+ When he sees receivers wide open he has to make sure there is nobody around because nobody is supposed to be that wide open.

Ryan Day

+ “A huge thank you to everybody who showed up to the game today.” The Skull Session was rocking. “We felt it early on.” It was humbling to come out onto the field with a packed house and it helped get out to a great start.

+ They wanted to play clean. The tackling was good. The ball security was good except for the fumble by JK Dobbins. The defense ran to the ball early on. The second team came in and let FAU get down the field and that can’t happen.

+ First game experience was awesome, especially early on. It was 28-0 in the first quarter. “I don’t know if I’ve ever been a part of a game like that.” He’s not sure if they took a breath there and let FAU off the hook.

+ Justin FIelds performed well. They wanted him to play with energy and make great decisions, but they also wanted him to manage the game. FAU was playing a 3-down front and dropping eight, so there weren’t always clean windows to throw in. Overall, it was well done. There are some protection issues that need to get cleaned up.

+ He wanted to see guys running to the ball and hitting, and he saw that. “You could feel the violence on the field.”

+ We’ve got our hands full next week, but the good news is there’s a lot to learn from this game. Guys made plays and gained confidence.

+ It’s important to have a balance in your alignments on offense, which is why they want to run some stuff under center. It helps to have good tight ends like the Buckeyes have. “I think it’s an edge for us.”

+ It worries him that maybe the players could let up when they got up 28-0. “We’re going to address that this week.” It was a great start, but they have to keep pushing. Justin Fields needs all of the snaps right now to gain experience.

+ Thoughts are now on Cincinnati.

+ “We came out with a good plan.” They don’t really script plays, they just have some plays they like to call early. The call sheet was big this week because they didn’t know exactly what they were going to see from FAU’s defense.

+ “I thought [Dobbins] ran it good.” The ball on the ground was unacceptable, but he ran hard. Harder than he’s run it in the past at times. There were some blown plays that he couldn’t do anything with.

+ There was enough failing from Justin Fields to work on for next week. Protections, reads, decisions. The game management was decent, but he took a sack he didn’t need to on a scramble. Pretty solid, but a ton to learn from.

+ The playcalling went well. There were good conversations between plays and possessions.

2 Responses

  1. Curious to see multiple plays where Fields rolled out with lots of space in front of him and he chose not to run or chose too late to run. Took a sack on one of those. A lot of forced passes in 2nd qtr. ALL COACHABLE MISTAKES. Bigger concern was lack of O-line push in middle of game. Give credit to FAU defense adjustments. O-line has to play tougher and for 60 minutes.

  2. Great game but Fields needsto get rid of the ball quicker. After the first quarter, the FAU QB outplayed Justin. After the 1Q, Fields looked like a deer in headlights much of the time. Dobbins was okay and he didn’t get much blocking. I have to say Teague looked better in his limited playing time. He runs like a fullback but also has good speed. We have tons of talent but falloff after 1Q is troublesome. We have to play full 60 minutes next week.

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