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Buckeye SloopCast: S5E5 — Day Won

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In this episode of the Buckeye SloopCast, Jared and Kyle talk about Ohio State’s 45-21 win over Florida Atlantic. All wins are good wins, even this one. There are still some concerns, however. The offensive line had its issues. The read-option wasn’t perfect. The fellas talk about Justin Fields’ performance. And then spend some time talking about the Buckeye defense and how improved it was. All of this and much, much more.

The Rundown

Good win. Yes, good. Please chill out

Would your Monday be so much better if #OhioState scored 70?

OLine is still a big concern

Fields looks to be the real deal… letter grade?

The good and bad of the read-option

TEs in the passing game or did I die?

The defense just looks different… dare we say right.

Grading the defensive position groups.

Let’s talk TEs again, because RUCKERT!

The biggest difference moving from Meyer to Day

Its just week one, don’t overreact… Unless you’re Tennessee

#Dontreallifegamble, #TheyJustLoseMore, #IsRutgersBack

Joey Burrow lights the state of Georgia on fire

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One Response

  1. Justin Fields took nasty hits……………..against WHAT exactly. A tin can made of super thin aluminum foil. A defense from where again? YOU say Justin Fields took a nasty hit. Most of humanity says Justin Fields took a nasty hit because his offensive line blows. They proved that for the final 52 or so minutes of the game. Play FAU again today and the Buckeyes don’t score the first 28 points in 8 minutes. The final 58 minutes the Buckeyes L O S T the game.

    Everyone in Buckeye Nation expects there to be hiccups especially in the 1st game of the year.. NOBODY in Buckeye Nation expects to see a middle to lower level program in a weak conference shove the Buckeyes at will up and down the field for more than 3 quarters of a game.

    If Justin Fields needs protection, it’s protection against another shaping up to be the recurring garbage “offensive” line led by Studrawa. 3 years and a game in and THAT performance Saturday was no different than the first 3 years worth of train wreck. I was one of those guys saying……okay, lets see just one more year. Maybe the previous 4 and 5 star players weren’t really that good. Nope, it appears that 1 of 2 things has to be true. Either today’s 4 and 5 star recruits really aren’t, or they’re saddled with a little sisters of the poor level coach to develop them.

    Just the first game….tra la la la laaaa. RELAX you say, and skip through the frigging tulips wearing pointing ballet slippers while listening to Tiny Tim. Please remove the extra thick scarlet and gray glasses. That was FAU who just beat the shit out of another Studrawa undeveloped “offensive” line. Those kids in that position room deserve a FAR better position coach than Studrawa.

    Ohio State should be refunding every fan in that stadium 87% of the ticket price because that’s all the Buckeyes gave was 13% of a game.

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