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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Indiana Dreamin’

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr recap a busy Thursday afternoon of speaking with Ohio State head coach Ryan Day. They also go in-depth on Saturday’s game at Indiana, previewing all of the matchups to watch in Bloomington. They also wonder whose team this is and is that necessary just yet. All of this and much, much more.

The Rundown

+ The biggest news of the day didn’t come from Ohio State.

+ What does it mean for Ohio State that IU QB Michael Penix is a game-time decision?

+ What does it mean for Indiana?

+ And even with two productive QBs, IU can’t run the ball.

+ You can’t rely on just throwing the ball with these guys.

+ The Hoosiers couldn’t run the ball against Eastern Illinois.

+ Why can’t they run it?

+ Looking forward to seeing this Ohio State defense spread out and tested.

+ Shaun Wade is OSU’s first CB/LB hybrid since Cie Grant.

+ Tom tries out for ESPN.

+ Don’t leave your mascots in a hot car.

+ This is more of a test for the Ohio State defense, but plenty passable.

+ This game will be stupid for a while.

+ Will Indiana try to take advantage of Pete Werner moving around to safety?

+ This will be situations for the Ohio State defense to make glaring mistakes.

+ The season is a video game.

+ Not expecting Jonathon Cooper this week.

+ The depth answers all question marks.

+ The number of 5-star guys who aren’t playing is impressive.

+ Master Teague is going to play more.

+ He is clearly the backup running back and for good reason.

+ Demario McCall is not disappearing, however.

+ There are roles for everyone on offense depending on the defense they see.

+ The Buckeyes are taking what defenses are giving them and doing it well.

+ Let’s slow down on that Justin Fields hype.

+ There are no answers for the double eagle bear front.

+ Hopefully Tom Allen isn’t the loyal listener that Ryan Day is.

+ This was Garrett Wilson’s best week of practice.

+ This passing offense could be prolific if they needed it to be.

+ Balance is being able to do whatever is needed whenever is wanted.

+ Garrett Wilson deserves credit for Binjimen Victor?

+ Remember Buster Tillman losing his job to a freshman David Boston?

+ Who are the leaders of this team?

+ Whose defense is this?

+ Whose offense is this?

+ Heading into a road game, does there need to be some ownership?

+ Has Jonah Jackson ever even won at Indiana?

+ This could be the high point in his career.

+ Who does the pregame speech among the players?

+ Harry Miller is really good because he’s really unnoticeable.

+ What happens if he surpasses Josh Myers after Myers wins the Rimington … next year?

+ Harry Miller is high on the list of indisposable freshmen.

+ Let’s make our score predictions.

+ Tom goes blue.

+ We almost made it.

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