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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Justin Fields’ Lessons and JK Dobbins Questions

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr recap the press conferences with Ryan Day, Larry Johnson, Greg Studrawa, Justin Fields, Drue Chrisman, Jonah Jackson, and Davon Hamilton. The fellas talk about the most valuable lessons that Fields learned on Saturday and also talk about Jashon Cornell’s big day out. They also wonder if it’s time to stop expecting the 2017 edition of JK Dobbins to ever return again. There was nearly two hours of interviews, and almost every last bit of it gets crammed into half the space in this edition.

The Rundown

+ The coaches confirmed again that they pretty much stayed plain last week.

+ Now expect from Cincinnati the unexpected.

+ Ryan Day’s favorite play from Justin Fields was a throwaway.

+ What to make of the offensive line grading out as Champions?

+ Justin Fields was getting hit more than he should.

+ The running game seemed more difficult than it should have.

+ The fumble for JK Dobbins was a “critical error.”

+ The offensive line was a little slow to adjust on Saturday.

+ QBs carry the ball in big games like this coming Saturday.

+ Ryan Day admitted to being a liar!

+ He admitted he was being deceptive about going under center.

+ Tony is tired of being made to feel stupid.

+ Master Teague was named a Champion.

+ Is the 2017 JK Dobbins never coming back?

+ The coaches talked Dobbins up all camp long.

+ Tom promised!

+ Tom and Tony do fractions.

+ Justin Fields learned a big lesson on Saturday.

+ A budding sign of maturity?

+ The Buckeyes are full at running back?

+ Fields is still in pain.

+ Fields has never slid.

+ But he’s still better at sliding than Dwayne Haskins.

+ Haskins was a stop-drop-and-roll slider.

+ Fields is at least an athlete.

+ Tom Orr’s $13,000 Quarterback Sliding Challenge.

+ Who else would be in it?

+ John Navarre, yes.

+ Jashon Cornell had his best game of his career.

+ Why did he start at defensive end?

+ What does it mean that Cornell is expected back at defensive tackle this week?

+ The sophomores will probably be good to go.

+ Chase Young coaching up his guys.

+ Cincinnati is a Big Ten football team.

+ Thayer Munford didn’t practice much and played more than he practiced.

+ That’s impressive.

+ It takes time to build cohesion, but Greg Studrawa didn’t seem overly worried.

+ Jonah Jackson plays the game how it should be played.

+ They’re asking Josh Myers a lot and he seems up to the task.

+ Jonah Jackson is Andy Dufresne.

+ An update on Jonathon Cooper.

+ Don’t expect him this week.

+ Drue Chrisman and his gunners.

+ The importance of limiting punt returns.

+ Justin Fields and Josh Myers taking laps around the field together.

+ It’s good to know that Little League punishments are still effective at the highest levels of college football.

+ This was a good show.

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6 Responses

  1. People in Buckeye nation may rewatch the games, but the Champions grades come from the people who understand the assignments watching the film. Is it odd that they were all champions given what seemed like an off game? Yep. But I don’t believe there is any lying going on. Maybe they just need to increase the watermark on earning Champion status.

    1. Had the game ended with 52 minutes remaining………sure, the truth would be that they earned easily those champions grades. But from that point on, they were out gained and outscored. All that by a lousy football team. So in this participation trophy era, getting your ass kicked for 52 minutes out of 60 equates to worthy? LOL And that’s after that virtual punching bag losing one of the best players on offense. I don’t care where that punching bag is supposed to finish in one of the worst conferences in College football. This same culture of participation trophies occurred after a somewhat more talented Oregon State last year, who went on to be date raped for nearly their entire season in an down year power 5 conference.

      Just like with Bill Davis. Until the junk is jettisoned and a real coach brought in, the Buckeyes will still have units unworthy of obviously fake trophies. Call that what it is and maybe the problems will be addressed before they become recurring problems. Saying that was a champions level performance isn’t a matter of low standards, it’s a matter of kids being lied to, being taught that a failing grade is a champions level. nonsense.


      1. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when an opponent punches these guys in the face. If the unthinkable were to happen Saturday and Luke Fickell’s boys knocked off the Buckeyes. What then? More participation trophies because the truth is just too difficult for supposed young adults to endure?

        Oh I know, us poor dumb, know nothing fans who fill seats just don’t know and understand. The whole couch potato drivel spouted annually by people who think it’s a mortal sin to disagree……..however vehemently, with those highly paid coaches who “supposedly” know more than us couch potatoes. Maybe, just maybe, those coaches should simply stop being bosom babysitters and teach, develop and instruct, and terrible fans like me won’t need to shoot off our couch potato mouth’s from the sofa’s of know nothing.

        That mantra of “toughness” seems like a very poor terminology from where most of us couch potatoes sit when failing grades are awarded to people who need coddled with “untruths.”

        Let me ask a simple question. I’m assuming you have a degree. Would your Professors have given you passing grades (let alone enter your name for academic awards) handing in a 13% completed final exam or thesis? I’m guessing that’s a resounding no is the answer, and rightly so. I’m also guessing that you did your homework and produced assignments worthy of the grades you achieved. Your writing suggests your instructors taught well and you followed the course to lead to a successful future. Why should we expect less from the classroom of the football field?

  2. 4.3 ypc and some idiot would think those are a champions numbers? Good grief how pathetic are the expectations Day has?

    All 5 OLinemen he gave a champions grade to? Is he out of his mind or is he really that stupid. People in Buckeye Nation actually watch, rewatch, and rewatch games. Josh Myers was borderline decent, the rest after the 7:45 second mark of the first quarter were flat out AWFUL. You don’t improve your players by lying to them about their performance.

  3. Do we REALLY think that the staff after getting their asses kicked for over 3 quarters by a a no name school that barely knows the shape of a football, are going to tell the media anything different? LOL

    It’s a good thing they ambushed sub slippery rock in that first 8 minutes.

    1. The kids these days call this being “all up in your feelings”.

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