Buckeye Leaves and Peeves from Ohio State’s 42-0 Win Over Cincinnati

Shaun Wade Ohio State Buckeyes Cornerback

There is good and bad in every game.

Some games have more good than bad, and some games have more bad than good.

And some games have a slow start and then a second quarter from the stars, while the opponent never actually has any good of their own.

This feature is about acknowledging both the bad and good, or whichever stood out to us most.

Borrowing from Ohio State’s practice of handing out Buckeye leaves for good plays, we will do the same. But unlike OSU, we are also going to include some peeves.

If a peeve was a sticker, it would have a picture on it of a wolverine with a smirk. And there’s no way you want too many of those on your helmet.

So we — staff, contributors, and hangers-on — are handing out some leaves and peeves following Ohio State’s 42-0win over Cincinnati on Saturday.

Brandon Zimmerman

There were so many people this Buckeye leaf could go to. The win against Cincinnati was a dominant game any way you looked at it. For my Buckeye leaf, I am going to give a shout out to Master Teague for how he ran the ball in the second half. That guy just does not have any quit in him. Even when he was wrapped up by multiple defenders, he was always fighting for more yards. He will be a very good back for Ohio State in the future.

Michael Meihls

If you just scope the stat sheet from the Ohio State beatdown of UC, you’d almost miss the man I’m giving my leaf to this week. He ended the game with only one tackle and one sack, not exactly mind blowing numbers. But while watching the game, it was hard to miss the impact Shaun Wade had on this victory. He flashed across the field many times. I was impressed with the game Wade had.

Tom Orr

Shaun Wade came to Ohio State with 5-star recruiting accolades, but an injury kept him off the field for one year and last year’s defense was enough of a mess to limit him again.

This year, Wade is finally getting a chance to show what he can do. Against Cincinnati, he had a strip-sack on a corner blitz, forced an interception on a tipped ball, and nearly set up another pick with a huge hit on a wide receiver.

Last year, the OSU defense spent all season looking for someone to make big plays. Saturday, Wade showed that he’s ready to be that guy for the 2019 team.

Jared Ilovar

I hate to be obvious, but my leaf goes to Justin Fields. Last week’s stats were impressive, but FAU is FAU.

UC’s defense, however, is talented and very well coached. Fields responds to that challenge by throwing for only two first-half incompletions… going 14 for 16. He would proceed to only miss three in the second half.

Fields is talented, but we knew that. What we know now is how smart and precise he is. This year will be special.

Chip Minnich

Buckeye leaves for J.K. Dobbins with his 17 carries for 141 yards and two touchdowns a week after a ho-hum opener that did not seem to impress his head coach or the fan base. This was the type of game that Ohio State fans were eager to see and happy to receive.

Caroline Rice

This is probably the most obvious pick, but my Buckeye leaf this week goes to sophomore quarterback Justin Fields. He was 20 for 25, totaled 224 passing yards, and scored two touchdowns.

I was blown away with Fields’ performance against UC’s defense that was one of the top in the nation last season. I thought it would be a challenge for him to get things clicking but he came out with the same fire and tempo as last week. I think he looked more confident, made improvements from last week, and kept the offense strong the entire time he was in the game.

Adam Borland

I’m assuming that the majority of the group will be throwing out leaves like Oprah, given the Buckeye whooping of Northern Kentucky. Instead, I’m channeling my inner-Citro and going with a peeve.

First off, let’s get this out there, running is awful. Occasionally, someone is being chased. In that case, I get it. Some people jog for their health, and, fine, that’s admirable. Others run for fun, and that’s weird. Borlands? We try to avoid it altogether, recognizing it for what it is… cruel torture.

I’m not sure how far down the family tree I’d have to go to see exactly where Tuf and I are related. But, after watching his interception return yesterday, I know he’s a fellow Borland.

Running is dumb. Running fast is overrated. Get to the right spot, use your athleticism to snag the INT, then let the offense take over. The point of defense is to stop the opponent and get the ball back. Tuf did just that. Running, shmunning.

Tony Gerdeman

A whole lotta leaves could be handed out after yesterday’s performance (hello Shaun Wade), and you’d have to look awfully hard to find some peeves.

My leaf is going to go to the scientists at Nike who have been able to invent arguably the most durable material known to mankind.

Chase Young was held throughout the game, and no matter how he tried to get away, and no matter how much Cincinnati’s tackles restrained him, that jersey material that they were holding on to never wavered. It remained strong and resilient.

My peeve would go to the refs who were understandably distracted by the sheer strength of Young’s jersey and allowed him to be held tighter than the nuclear football.

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  1. Since I forgot to send in my Buckeye leaf/peeve (again) this week:

    Leaf: J.K. Dobbins gets my leaf. Dude finally broke the long run we’ve all been waiting for, ran hard and well all day, and even threw a crushing block to help Fields score. Life is just better when Dobby is free!

    Peeve: Whoever called the QB run from the spread on 4th-and-1.

  2. Leaf goes to Borland. Peeve goes to the coaching staffs, offensive and defensive for the 4th down calls.

  3. I said last week that I wanted to see a dominant and impressive performance. Check. 🙂

    1. Comparing Master Teague & Joe Montgomery is briliant. I’m glad you noticed that, & you are right on point.

  4. The harder you work the luckier you get

  5. Running is no big deal. Love watching Borland chased down by an
    OL Great.

    Scoring a td would be nice, which anyone under a 5.1 40 would do.

    Wade made that play. Borland was a step away. Being where the deflection was, was luck.

    1. At least Borland got the interception unlike Chase Young who dropped a pick six.

    2. Typical internet Buckeyefan. Neevver satisfied. Congratulations for finding fault with that play.

      1. @Bradford SandersThere is some fault on that play but not with Borland for “not being fast.” The OL hustled (kudos to him) and had an angle but was completely ignored by at least one guy who could have thrown a block. If Borland gets that block, the guy doesn’t make the play.

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