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Ohio State – Nebraska game trailer: ‘It’s about us’

Ohio State football K.J. Hill Nebraska

The Buckeyes head on the road this weekend to face Nebraska.

There is plenty of hype surrounding the game, and plenty of interesting story lines as well.

But within the Ohio State program, the message for the weekend is simple: don’t worry about anything outside the program. Just play hard, handle your business, and do it all for your brothers on the team.

This week’s game trailer makes that abundantly clear. And it’s also clear what the Buckeyes think will happen if they do all of that.

“It’s time to let the nation know what we already know in this room,” says head coach Ryan Day.

The video doesn’t feel the need to spell it out, but the meaning is pretty clear. The Buckeyes think they are on their way to a special season, but after four games against lesser opponents, some people outside of Ohio may not realize it yet.

Saturday night is their chance to finally show the country what Day’s first team is capable of. Between a nationally-televised game in prime time and College Gameday making the trip to Lincoln, Ohio State will be squarely in the national spotlight this weekend.

They seem intent on making the most of it.