Ohio State Postgame: Ryan Day, Justin Fields Talk Buckeyes’ 48-7 Win At Nebraska

Ryan Day Ohio State Buckeyes Nebraska Postgame

LINCOLN, Neb. — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day and quarterback Justin Fields spoke with reporters following the Buckeyes’ decisive 48-7 win over Nebraska. They answered plenty of questions about the impressive performance of their team and the potential for even more ahead. Here are the highlights of what the two had to say.

Ryan Day

+ He was proud of the way this team came out and played hard and played well. “I’m proud of the way the guys played.”

+ This doesn’t mean anything if we don’t keep it going.

+ The whole defensive staff has prepared these guys, including Mickey Marotti.

+ A defensive performance like this goes back to their training and if they can keep it going like this, then they have a chance.

+ When they circled this game in February it was because they knew it would be hard. “We have been preparing for this game for a while.”

+ It was a great job by the defensive staff in adjusting to the I-formation. “That was some throwback stuff there.”

+ Justin Fields still hasn’t played four quarters. Next week he is going to have to against one of the best defenses in the country. “Hasn’t been in the fire when you have to go win the game in the fourth quarter.”

+ Day left Fields in late because Nebraska had just scored and they can score a lot quickly. They decided to go one more drive, but be smart with them.

+ The goal going into this game was to contain Adrian Martinez. He is a heck of a player, but the Buckeyes did a great job of tackling. “Guys made plays.”

+ This is a very serious team. The game matters to them.

+ How much Fields runs from week to week will change. It’s a huge weapon, but he’s also a really good passer with multiple weapons.

Justin Fields

+ Any time Garrett Wilson has a one-on-one in the red zone, he’s a mismatch and they took advantage of it.

+ This team has a lot of momentum right now and they handled the Nebraska crowd very well.

+ The offensive line did a great job tonight, as did the defense.

+ The touchdown run he had was intended for the tight end, but the lane opened up so he took off and scored.

+ “The harder we practice, the easier the games are going to be.”

+ The offense is clicking on all cylinders right now.

+ They aren’t worried about looking ahead to any other game than the next one.

+ They came into this game planning to run the ball because the offensive line is great and JK Dobbins and Master Teague are tremendous. It wasn’t a surprise to see them do so well.

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  2. Now that our players & coaches have decisively beaten a decent team on the road, The Boomeranger starts its hyperbolic swing like the scythe of fate.

    In a whisper of time, we go from ‘underrated’ to ‘overrated’, where the temptations of pride and arrogance know no bounds.

    As a fan, last night was satiating in so many ways. But like his adjustments, Coach put those success sparklers right back in that trinket box where they belong.

    For the team that ‘goes for us’… much more, goes for those fellow players down through the decades that strove in relative obscurity, that overcame… yet fell short.

    “For none of it matters, if we don’t keep it up,” said our leader. Not ‘keep on keeping on’ – but keep on getting better, like the tactician’s self-actualizing of exploiting The Initiative.

    Satiating the beast…lasts but a day. ‘Fulfilling’ …comes only at the end of the race that this team has now embarked on.

    Just as we are given each day, TODAY; so must be our team’s dedication to the journey…or tomorrow, we recriminate about yesterday.

    May our Buckeyes keep bringing their terrible swift sword… wielding it only for noble purpose… so by grace we do not fall on it.

    In every flush of success,.. it’s time to visit the hospital and remind ourselves of the significance of courage, and hidden selflessness.

    For arrogance makes the first… last.

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