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Buckeye Weekly Podcast: Big Greasy and the Tuesday Updates

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr recap everything that went down at Tuesday’s media availability with Ryan Day, Greg Mattison, Tuf Borland, Chris Olave, and Tommy Togiai. The Buckeyes looked ahead to this weekend’s matchup against Wisconsin and had plenty to say. The fellas also talk about topics such as Dawand Jones and his many nicknames, the state of the Bullet and Brendon White, the availability of Baron Browning and Thayer Munford, the battle between JK and JT, the demanding life of a coach with a demanding wife, and much, much more.

The Rundown

+ What a bummer that Wisconsin has lost.

+ Now this is no better than a game against Rutgers or Michigan.

+ Actually, players and coaches aren’t approaching this game any differently after the Badger loss.

+ Jonathan Taylor is still a thing.

+ Wisconsin will play different schemes defensively depending the opponent.

+ They will not do what they did against Illinois.

+ Jim Leonhard is an up-and-comer.

+ Injury updates.

+ Baron Browning was dealing with an injury, people.

+ Thayer Munford should be good to go as well.

+ He may be playing through pain for a while.

+ Talking to Ryan Day about injuries is like talking to the Godfather.

+ On this, the day of your daughter’s wedding, is Josh Alabi healthy?

+ Dawand Jones isn’t going to redshirt, which is pretty interesting.

+ Why won’t he redshirt?

+ What does this mean moving forward?

+ We were totally sure he was going to redshirt.

+ He could be insurance for Thayer Munford leaving for the NFL.

+ Is that also why Nicholas Petit-Frere moved to left tackle last week?

+ Or does this mean Josh Alabi is not close to returning?

+ What is clear is that they want Dawand Jones ready to play next year, even if it’s as the No. 3 guy.

+ Can’t rely on Paris Johnson to be the No. 3 guy next year.

+ Where is Ryan Day unhappy with his offense?

+ It’s not a weak spot, but pass protection is being allowed to be softer than it could be.

+ Mrs. Garrett is okay with Justin Fields holding the ball a little too long.

+ Ryan Day speaking on first quarter struggles.

+ How about the struggles of a demanding wife?

+ OSU wanted Wisconsin to come in undefeated, but the Badgers choked.

+ This team is too well coached when it comes to speaking with the media and it sucks.

+ JK Dobbins vs. Jonathan Taylor.

+ JK believes he’s the best running back in the nation.

+ We didn’t believe him before the season, but he certainly has an argument.

+ This could be a good weekend for recruiting if running backs are watching.

+ Put JK Dobbins on display for America’s high school running backs.

+ It’s not ‘The Plan to Recruit’ it’s ‘The Plan to Win.’

+ The Plan to Win is more important during big games which means OSU is going to punt more by design.

+ Punting is winning.

+ The plan going is seemingly to make this a tight game.

+ How will Ryan Day react to his first loss?

+ There is no assistant coaching record.

+ Imagine how upset Nina Day will be after a loss.

+ Ryan Day is 10-0, which is the fourth-best start for an Ohio State head coach.

+ Let’s rave about Chase Young some more.

+ Chase Young will hand it down and pay forward.

+ The Brendon White Situation.

+ Greg Mattison explains why Brendon White wasn’t playing much against Northwestern.

+ Don’t think of the Bullet as a depth chart, think of it as skill sets.

+ Tommy Togiai stopped by today.

+ He’s a good dude.

+ Tommy Togiai talks about Dawand Jones.

+ Let’s talk about Dawand Jones’ nicknames.

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