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Buckeye Weekly Podcast: How Long Will Jeff Hafley Be at Ohio State?

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In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr recap the day that was at Ohio State on Tuesday. Gene Smith started the afternoon by talking about his thoughts on the name, image, and likeness law in California. Will this really destroy the NCAA? The fellas also touch on the Michigan State game a bit and the tests for the Ohio State offense. There is also a conversation about whether or not Ryan Day asks his assistant coaches for a two-year commitment and how long Jeff Hafley is going to stick around. All of this and more.

The Rundown

+ Gene Smith started the day by speaking about the name, image, and likeness law being passed in California.

+ The NCAA was given decades to get this fixed rather than drag their feet and make it seem like the end of the world.

+ There has been progress made in terms of advancements for players in the last decade.

+ It seems like Gene Smith would be in favor of something, but it needs to be regulated.

+ This feels like a move in a positive direction for the NCAA to keep the power that they desire.

+ This will be like other times when it was going to be the end of college football.

+ Remember Bill Hancock?

+ What does the regulation mean, though?

+ What would the unregulated stuff look like that scares Gene Smith?

+ I’m not paying $150 for a Cameo call.

+ Don’t start giving players money just yet, please.

+ What’s wrong with a player getting $50 to sign a photo? What would that change?

+ This won’t swing the balance of power.

+ You already know who the best teams are.

+ But what would this do to a locker room?

+ There will still be unintended consequences, but probably not as bad as you think.

+ Coaches should maybe recruit higher-character kids.

+ Locker room problems? That’s up to the $7 million coach to deal with and fix. Figure it out.

+ According to experts from Online Broker Vergleich, the market would also adjust as investors don’t get returns on their spending.

+ Ryan Day was in alignment with Gene Smith on this topic.

+ The NCAA won’t give up its power, it will adopt this and continue to be a thing.

+ There are families who could really use this money.

+ Plus, it would allow for the return of NCAA Football!

+ Let’s talk a bit about Michigan State.

+ Indiana was able to move the ball a bit on Michigan State with Michael Penix.

+ That has to give the Buckeyes some confidence.

+ Michigan State is Aldi-brand Tresselball.

+ All German names end in vowels.

+ This is going to be a fun matchup, but we’ll talk more about it on Thursday.

+ Does Ryan Day have a 2-year deal for his assistant coaches?

+ Day doesn’t believe any of his assistant coaches are leaving any time soon.

+ Jeff Hafley loves this job.

+ He even has fun with the media.

+ Leaving the NFL can re-energize the teaching genes of a coach.

+ Assistant coaches have everything they need at Ohio State.

+ And they also have Ryan Day.

+ This is a family atmosphere were kids and spouses are welcome at all times.

+ Keeping a cohesive staff is important, but sometimes change is good.

+ Ryan Day and Jeff Hafley go way back.

+ They wanted to work together again in college.

+ It would be a shock if Hafley left after one year.

+ Ohio State is a hard place to leave.

+ If you stick around long enough, you can land the right head coaching job.

+ A lot of teams will come calling for Jeff Hafley after the season.

+ Expect him to get a raise in the offseason.

+ Jeff Hafley won’t be taking the Rutgers job.

+ There’s no reason to.

+ Ryan Day was having fun as an assistant at Ohio State and things turned out okay for him.

+ Day’s assistants love the way he lets them work.

+ It probably wasn’t always so easy to work under Urban Meyer.

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