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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Maim, Image, and Likeness

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr spend a few minutes talking about the NCAA acquiescing a bit on the name, image, and likeness discussion. They then have a conversation about the Michigan Wolverines and just how back they are right now. Then, since the Buckeyes don’t play this week, they take a look around the nation at the slate of games this week and talk some college footbawwww. All of this and maybe a little bit more.

The Rundown

+ Let’s talk Name, Image, and Likeness.

+ This isn’t going to kill college sports.

+ People are still going to watch college football.

+ What are you going to do on your Saturdays?

+ This is no longer the 1950s.

+ The ’50s weren’t all that great either.

+ The sports advances.

+ Remember when every Ohio State game wasn’t on national television?

+ Have you been to campus lately? There are some nice new buildings paid for by television money.

+ This will take some getting used to.

+ Who knows, you might want to buy a Jeep from Chase Young.

+ This isn’t going be the end of the world.

+ Let’s talk about Michigan being back!

+ Unless Notre Dame was overrated and when has that ever happened?

+ Brian Kelly likes to throw the ball in bad throwing conditions.

+ Michigan shockingly ran the ball well.

+ Made me think much less of Notre Dame.

+ Your clockwork Shea Patterson Moment.

+ The Old Jim Harbaugh is back too!!

+ He was a jerk again.

+ Maybe this was Jim Harbaugh’s audition for the NFL.

+ Gotta throw the ball to Nico Collins more.

+ Not expecting much fight from Maryland this week again Michigan.

+ Looking at the Wolverines’ schedule moving forward.

+ The Indiana game could be interesting yet again.

+ This is not a great weekend of college football they say.

+ Tony don’t care. He gon’ watch whatever on.

+ He’ll even watch Nebraska-Purdue.

+ Georgia-Florida is a playoff game because the loser is out.

+ Who has Georgia played?

+ Tom scouts the SEC and their fake-murderous schedules.

+ There are two important Pac 12 games this weekend.

+ The Pac 12 might be done this weekend.

+ Baylor is still a thing.

+ Kansas is fun to watch.

+ SMU and Memphis is gonna be good.

+ The AAC is a better league than the ACC, right?

+ Tom gets quizzed.

+ Next week is Maryland week!

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[Buckeye Weekly is an Ohio State podcast that covers Ohio State football, Ohio State recruiting, and Ohio State basketball.]

2 Responses

  1. Um, Notre Dame is one of the 3 most annually over rated pieces of garbage of all time. The 3 are “Notre Dame, TTUN and Miss. State.” I’m not sure football ever existed at Miss State. The other 2 have been virtually irrelevant since the 1950’s except on a rare exception year.

    1. I gotta put Tennessee in that conversation, especially the past two decades. Georgia was there, until they weren’t, but quite possibly they’re back?

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