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Buckeye Weekly Podcast: How (M)any Wolverines Would Start at Ohio State

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr answer listener questions. The questions run the gamut of Buckeye topics, including Zach Harrison, Ohio State’s approach to the transfer portal, and the titular question regarding whether or not there’s a single Wolverine who would start for the Buckeyes this year. There are plenty more questions addressed as well. It’s a real good time.

The Rundown

+ This is a listener question show because Ohio State doesn’t play this week.

+ We’re not going to get through all of them, but we will get through a bunch of them.

+ “Buckeye Weakly Podcast.”

+ Have there been any surprises on the defensive line at this point?

+ Zach Harrison is advanced, but should we be surprised?

+ This defensive line has yet to be entirely healthy and they’ve been pretty, pretty good.

+ Haskell Garrett has stepped up the last few weeks.

+ Everybody on the defensive line has been a pleasant surprise this year.

+ Does Ohio State monitor the transfer portal?

+ Will they hold back a roster spot for a portal possibility moving forward?

+ Treating the portal like a “Give-a-Penny, Take-a-Penny.”

+ Chug or Hoke right now for the backup spot?

+ It’s hard to move from three to two during the season, just ask Joe Burrow.

+ Are the two #1s on the OSU roster a better combo than the two #2s?

+ We quickly looked through old rosters and couldn’t find two better than this.

+ Hard to side with the pair that doesn’t have Chase Young in it.

+ Maybe 2002 with the #7…

+ Tom’s Andy Groom story.

+ Is there a Michigan player that would start for Ohio State this year?

+ Perhaps Nico Collins, but probably not.

+ Maybe Donovan Peoples-Jones? Why?

+ Where is the production?

+ Lavert Hill? Not likely.

+ This is a sad state of affairs for Michigan — or this is an indicator of a pretty good Ohio State roster.

+ Can Michigan’s offense mount a threat in The Game this year and will Shea Patterson be the quarterback when they play?

+ No, but maybe.

+ From a pair of 90s students, never say never.

+ The football gods can be jerks at times.

+ “And then a miracle happened…”

+ Dylan McCaffrey needs to get healthy and play soon.

+ Is this Shaun Wade’s last season in the Scarlet and Gray?

+ There is a lot that will go into that decision.

+ Tom’s 50/50 on Wade.

+ Tuf vs. Browning, should they keep sharing snaps?

+ If the defense is playing well right now — which they are, why alter what is working?

+ Did you see how many plays Joe Bachie missed against Ohio State?

+ Playing middle linebacker in the Big Ten is pretty damn hard.

+ Is Binjimen Victor’s biggest problem the expectations fans have for him?

+ That’s partly Urban Meyer’s fault.

+ Was the Michigan State game a good punch in the gut test?

+ It gave OSU an idea of how hard they would have to work to beat the better teams.

+ If we were the czar of CFB, what would be our one change?

+ It’s time for an 8-team playoff, baby!

+ First round is on campus. BYOB.

+ Every game would still matter.

+ Every team would start the year with the possibility of winning a national title, which isn’t the case right now.

+ Any problems with the end-of-half two-minute drills for Ryan Day?

+ Yes, but it’s hard to complain about it, which sucks.

+ If you put up 296 yards in the second quarter, you can’t really complain about not getting 340.

+ The end of half turns coaches into Woody Hayes.

+ How does Justin Fields compare to other OSU greats regarding arm talent?

+ What’s the situation with Brendon White?

+ We talked about that in the last show, he’s still learning.

+ Which offense do you prefer: 2018 or 2019?

+ Which underclassmen depart for the draft this year?

+ Could Baron Browning get in there?

+ He’s got the measurables, but not the tape.

+ Could the success this year cause some recruiting flips?

+ Yes, but there isn’t a lot of room.

+ Recruits have been in wait-and-see mode regarding the Buckeyes and Ryan Day.

+ Maybe no flips, but some late adds?

+ There isn’t a lot of room.

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