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Buckeye Weekly Podcast: Stopping Explosive Plays the Silver Bullets Way

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr recap a busy Monday at Ohio State. They spoke with Ryan Day, Jeff Hafley, Jonathon Cooper, Josh Myers, and Jordan Fuller. Day spoke about what the Buckeyes did during the off week. Hafley talked about eliminating explosive plays and about not talking about the NFL Draft with his players. And the players talked about a bunch of interesting stuff as well, including how Fuller gets bored playing in this defense. All of this and much, much more, including a show announcement.

The Rundown

+ An exciting announcement for our listeners.

+ Send us your feedback.

+ We are artists.

+ It was a Ryan Day Day and a J Day Monday.

+ We talked to Ryan Day, Jeff Hafley, Jordan Fuller, Josh Myers, and Jonathon Cooper.

+ Jordan Fuller gets bored at safety.

+ Imagine somebody saying that last year.

+ Your defense is pretty good if your deep safety gets bored.

+ This is a bend-but-don’t-break defense that isn’t bending all that much either.

+ Every play the defense installs goes through a “will this allow a big play” test.

+ Ryan Day and Jeff Hafley did not tell us what they learned from their self-scouting.

+ Day and the position coaches gave positive feedback with the critiques.

+ Three Up and Three Forward.

+ The old school way would be much different.

+ Shoutout to Jack Park!

+ Woody was upset about something.

+ Ryan Day remains politically correct about speaking out about stuff that he can’t control.

+ Demario McCall should be good to go for Friday.

+ Jaelen Gill is still working for a depth chart spot.

+ The H-back is less important this season because of the second tight end.

+ Cameron Brown was a topic of conversation today.

+ The most improved guy in the secondary?

+ The young corners need to be ready to play right now.

+ Hafley isn’t worried about how many players he will be losing to the NFL.

+ There’s too much season left to worry about next year, people.

+ Hafley isn’t talking to Shaun Wade about the NFL, he’s talking to him about where he needs to improve.

+ People are finally discovering what we’ve been saying forever — Shaun Wade is good.

+ There has been talk about moving Wade outside and Arnette inside at times.

+ Recruiting in the Transfer Portal era.

+ Ryan Day isn’t holding a spot for a possible transfer, but they do monitor it during the season.

+ They are not to the point where they watch recruits they missed out on to see if they’re not playing.

+ But this is where things are headed.

+ There will be talented players on the market every year.

+ Day wants four quarterbacks, but good luck getting them.

+ Josh Proctor was discussed. (He’s going to be pretty good too.)

+ Jordan Fuller is just a good dude.

+ Jeff Hafley loves Chase Young.

+ Hafley explains why.

+ Let’s talk a bit about Northwestern.

+ Ohio State’s defense will be preparing for both Northwestern quarterbacks.

+ Not that it will matter.

+ Does anybody on the Ohio State offensive line do any impressions of Greg Studrawa.

+ Josh Myers has learned and improved a lot this season.

+ Myers was upset he didn’t win the job last year.

+ Harry Miller continues to earn unheard of raves.

+ Send us some feedback on what you’d like to hear and see from us.

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  1. it seems we are enjoying a wealth of good news.

    with success comes ‘problems’ as well… like finding PT for all those players who are ‘ready’ but need PT opportunities.


    why would we want to “shorten” games at any time? Rather, how about going as fast as we can to develop ‘game conditioning’, ‘momentum sustaining’, and most of all… more plays / game which will >> opportunities for our guys?

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